Co-curricular activities



With a long term objective i.e. to expose the students to get first hand experience beyond the classroom situation, and to make them more confident, thoughtful and decisive, Rama Krishna Sr. Secondary School organised a six day long educational trip to Goa from 12th October, 2013 to 17th October, 2013. The students visited five beaches-Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Wagha Beach and Miramar Beach and then went for local sightseeing, Dona Paula, where they purchased Goa’s famous cashews, cakes and chocolates.

At night students enjoyed a pleasant 60 minutes cool and calm ride of cruise around Arabian Sea with the touch of Goa’s cultural programme like Dekhni, Figgdi and Portuguese Corridonno with light music.

They also visited St. Catehdral Church, one of the most ancient and celebrated religious buildings of Goa. Then they visited Basilica of Bom Jesus Church where the mortal remains of Goa’s patron St. Francis Xavier are kept. He was a member of Society of Jesus who came to Goa in 1542.

The students also visited Mangeshi Temple, a very nice piece of Architecture with peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. They enjoyed the trip a lot.




In order to give a break and to add charm and interest to the students from the school life routine, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School organized a visit to India’s first live entertaining and theatrical destination, Kingdom of Dreams on 4th October, 2013.
The moment, the students entered the Cultural Gully, they were awe inspired by the panoramic view of the Indian Culture from North to South, East to West. The group of younger students travelled in the mini bus of Mumbai, and enjoyed the Rajasthani Kathputali show. Whereas the middle wing students were enthralled by the beauty of Stupas and the sky cladded roof. They also tasted various food items and cuisines at the food court of different cities.
In the Nautanki Mahal, the students were taken into a dreamy world of the real life characters in the play Jhumroo. They were stunned to see the electrifying performance one after another, live on the stage.
By the evening, the memorable day ended with a refreshing and larger than life experience.