Eco Club Activities



Green Wave Eco Club of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School organized a series of activities to highlight the need of taking care of the deteriorating environment. The third week of April was a tribute to our Mother Earth as the week long activities included slogan writing, poster making, speech, poem recitation, oath taking ceremony and rally, in which the students effectively and impressively depicted how human life and nature are related to each other and how we can maintain the balance among these. Students from classes I to XII participated with zeal and enthusiasm in each of the activities.


A tree plantation drive under the banner of ‘Green Wave’ Eco Club was organized to create social awareness about the importance of tress. The school made human chain of student representatives from classes V to VIII and they planted trees in the school premises. A workshop was arranged where the students were inspired to plant more and more trees and were encouraged to take necessary steps in order to conserve environment. The teachers enlightened the students to take an oath for planting trees as well as nurturing trees to prevent future.


Most of the fire accidents occur because of our carelessness. Many of them can be avoided if we are more careful and implement certain rules and regulations regarding the fire protection. For this, the school’s Green Wave Eco Club conducted a Fire Safety Mock Drill in which students of class I to XII and staff were trained to get out of such situation. They were also trained to use hydrants and fire extinguishers. They were taught the meaning of the abbreviation PASS, mentioned on the fire extinguisher. The students paid attention to each minute detail taught to them.


To inculcate in the students, love and care towards trees, Green Wave Eco Club conducted an activity, to tie the thread of protection to the trees. The students of class V, enthusiastically participated in the activity. They had brought rakhis, for the trees. They tied the knot of care to plants and trees, promising to protect them. The teachers also enlightened the students to take an oath for taking care of trees as well as nurturing the trees in their future as well.


The school observed ‘Swachhata Awareness Day’ to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness of environment. Students of classes IX to XII participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in various activities conducted by Green Wave Eco Club. They took the initiative of cleanliness beyond the classroom. As a part of Swachhata Abhiyan, cleaning of record room, sports room and all labs was undertaken by the lab incharges and students. A rally was also organized to create awareness about “Cleanliness and Hygiene”. The Principal advised the students to keep the classes and school premises clean and tidy to avoid incidences of diseases.


To create awareness towards water conservation among students, teachers and general public, a rally was organised by Green Wave Eco Club under Jal Shakti Abhiyan by Govt. of India. The students through the rally raised awareness on mismanagement and abuse of the precious source of water which is taking toll on aquatic eco-system and aquatic life. To sensitise about the importance of water, students of classes VI to X actively participated in the rally and enthusiastically recited various slogans like: save water save life, jal jivan ka anmol ratan , jal hai toh jivan hai etc. Students marched with placards held high creating awareness among general public about saving water and minimising wastage of water.


Cleanliness Drive was organized in the school under Green Wave Eco Club to cast light on the issue of waste management. During this movement, students of class IX took part and were told about the importance of waste management in keeping our surroundings clean and green. They were told the difference between green and blue coloured dustbin and were also taught the classification of waste. Students were told how we can convert the organic wastes into useful manure. They dug a pit in the school ground and put all the dry leaves and other organic wastes and covered that pit. After few days that organic waste was converted into manure. Thus they understood the procedure of recycling the organic wastes into useful matter.


Under Green Wave Eco Club an Essay Writing Competition was held in classes VI to XII, on the topic – Cleanliness and Hygiene Practices. The students had a class discussion with their teachers and classmates and then wrote an essay on the same. They highlighted the positive aspects of this drive individually as well as holistically. This drive proved to be a great initiative to raise awareness on elimination of unwanted waste and garbage that would eventually result in the reduction of many diseases. The students took part in the competition quite enthusiastically and also learned the importance of keeping the surroundings clean.


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School conducted a Painting Competition under Green Wave Eco Club. Students of class V enthusiastically participated by making beautiful posters and paintings on the topic- Swachhata. Under this activity students of the school took active participation and made paintings which displayed the need to keep their surroundings neat and clean. Students were themselves motivated not to litter their environment and promised to themselves that they would also not allow others to do the same. This activity was successful as students were highly motivated to make the Earth clean, green and a healthy planet.


Health and Hygiene, Cleanliness and Sanitation, these terms convey the importance cleanliness in one’s life. To highlight the importance of the same, a drill was conducted under Green Wave Eco Club in Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School on- Correct Method of Washing Hands and Maintaining Personal Hygiene. All the students of classes I & II were instructed to bring their dettol soap / hand wash, hand sanitizer, and paper napkins. Students actively participated and enthusiastically learned the steps of proper handwash. The main aim of the drill was achieved as the students got to know the importance of keeping oneself clean and hygienic by washing the hands properly, bathing daily, brushing teeth, clipping the nails regularly etc.


Green Wave Eco Club conducted a cleanliness drive which aimed at generating greater awareness among the students towards Swachhata. Students from classes VI to XII participated in this campaign which was especially subjected towards educating and acknowledging students about the importance of cleanliness in their surroundings. As the cleanliness drive is the best start of promoting the growth of country with its citizen’s individual growth, so the main aim of Swachhata He Seva Day was to spread the same idea. Only the success of cleanliness campaign will bring a huge positive change in the India.


Green Wave Eco Club organized Swachhata Action Day on . On this day, students of class VIII enthusiastically participated by making beautiful posters, paintings and writing slogans on Swachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya. The students took a pledge to keep the surroundings including school, house and vicinity neat and clean. They actively came up with ways to minimize use of plastics and hence contributed measures for making the Mother Earth healthy and happy. This event was a great success as students were highly motivated to join hands voluntarily, thereby understanding the need of keeping not only oneself but the whole country clean.


An Anti-Cracker Rally was conducted under Green Wave Eco Club. The prime motive of the rally was to make the students aware of the deteriorating environment and to find ways to improve it. The students of classes IX & X took part enthusiastically. They made meaningful placards conveying slogans and spoke them aloud. The few slogans read the messages: “diye jalaao, khushiyaan manaao”, “pataakhe nahi deep jalao, jeevan ko khushaal banaao”, and other such environment friendly slogans. These slogans inculcated the habit of celebrating eco-friendly Diwali and spread awareness about the importance of healthy and safe environment.


Under the banner of Green Wave Eco Club, the school organized an activity named as “Best out of waste” for classes I to XII. The aim of this activity was to raise awareness among the students regarding not to throw used things which can be used in different ways like decorative pieces, storage box, etc. All the students participated very enthusiastically and made beautiful decorative pieces, wall hangings, boxes with waste materials. This activity gave the message of reduce, reuse and recycle too.