Eco Club Activities 2018-19


Ideally, the joyous festival of Holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of Spring while the colours used in Holi are to reflect of the various hues of spring season. But unfortunately, in modern times Holi has become ruthlessly commercialized, boisterous and yet another source of environmental degradation. To de-pollute Holi and make it in sync with nature, the school arranged for an eco-friendly Holi celebration on March 1, 2018, for classes I and II, to encourage the students to follow the natural ways of celebrating Holi. They were encouraged to bring organic colours, powdered turmeric, sandalwood and flower petals. The teachers told them to keep away from synthetic colours and dyes. The students enjoyed the festival by playing colours with each other. They were also distributed sweets. The students also wished Dr. Mamta Aggarwal, Principal, by applying a vermilion mark of organic colours on her forehead. The aim of celebrating Eco-Friendly Holi was thus fulfilled.




Green wave eco club of Ramakrishna Sr. Sec .School organized a competition of slogan writing on April 12, 2018. The topic given to the students was: Mother Earth. The students of class I to XII took part very enthusiastically. They wrote inspiring slogans which gave the message to save and conserve Mother Earth. This activity raised awareness among students to save environment by practicing different activities like planting trees, following the three R’s; reduce, reuse, and recycle. By stop using plastic, saving paper, etc.



A speech on Earth Day was delivered on April 16, 2018, by Swarnabha Mallick of class V. She explained the importance of celebrating Earth Day highlighting the need of taking care of the environment. She also explained how human life and nature are related to each other and how we can maintain the balance among these.



On April 17, 2018, in the special assembly, a poem on beauty of nature was recited by Bhumika Chaddha, of class VIII. The poem was based on maintaining the beauty of mother earth and that the situation of our planet is deteriorating. The students paid attention to the poem, understood the need of the hour and learned how we should maintain the environment of our Mother Earth.


During the celebration of Earth week the Rock Band; Beyond the Barriers, of our school, presented a beautiful song on April 18, 2018, praising Mother Earth and the resources that it provides to human beings. The students of class 9 enthusiastically participated in the instrumental performance as they presented their love towards Mother Earth. Each and every word of the song conveyed the bond between human and earth.



On April 19, 2018, Kanan, a student of class V, shared her views on conservation of environment by withdrawing from the use of plastic. She talked about the management of garbage which is a very big environmental issue of our country. Through the value points of her speech, she described simple and effective ways to conserve environment so that everybody could understand the importance of garbage management and conserving environment.


To add to the air of celebration of such an important week, the students of class IX, Sneha Aggarwal, Gurleen Kaur and Chaitanya Kapoor, enacted a poem on Love for Nature on April 20, 2018. They presented the poem very impressively and effectively. They cast light on the prevention of wasteful usage of natural resources. The students enjoyed and learned the way of conservation of nature and also learnt the importance of tress, cleanliness of surroundings and minimizing the use of natural resources.


For protection of our beautiful Mother Earth, Eco Club of RKS organized a Rally on April 21, 2018, in which students of class IX and X took part enthusiastically. The students made beautiful banners and shouted the slogans which displayed the message; not to pollute the environment by throwing garbage, using plastic, burning excess of fuels, cutting trees as it directly affects our environment and the life of all living beings. They spoke snappy slogans to communicate the message of the campaign. This activity created the awareness of protecting trees, animals and our environment.



A mock drill was organized on May 3, 2018, for evacuating the building of the school in any emergency situation like earthquake, fire, blast, etc. The students were asked not to panic and were made to understand how to handle such a situation. They were also made to understand to help their juniors first. The complete process took 5 minutes 28 seconds. The students took part very enthusiastically and actively.




Green Wave Eco-Club of our school organized a workshop on May 11, 2018 on Disaster-Management during earthquake. A skit was enacted to teach the students the safety measures to be taken, during earthquake. The students presented four scenes which depicted how to save oneself when one is at home, market, school or office. The prime motive was to spread awareness among the school staff, teachers and students and to make them prepared to deal with this emergency situation. The purpose was to practice safety related measures. Students demonstrated some actions like; Drop, cover, hold, not to use lift, not to drive, etc. during such situation.



On May 18, 2018, the school organized a workshop on ‘First Aid’ for asserting the First Aid measures to students. The workshop comprised of a healthy discussion and demonstrated on how to give first aid in emergency situation in school premises. A workshop was arranged where, the guest of honour Mr. Ojas S. Walia, Assistant Commissioner, West Delhi, shared his knowledge and emphasized the importance of First Aid and the role each of the aid can play in saving life. The workshop included session on heat and cold stroke, head injuries, bleeding, fracture, etc.



Most of the fire accidents occur because of our carelessness. Many of them can be avoided if we are more careful and implement certain rules and regulations regarding the fire protection. For this, the school conducted a mock drill on July 5, 2018 in which students and staff were trained to get out of such situation. They were also trained to use hydrants and fire extinguishers. They were taught the meaning of the abbreviation PASS, mentioned on the fire extinguisher. The students paid attention to each minute detail taught to them.



On July 23, 2018, a tree plantation drive under the banner of ‘Green Wave’ eco club was organized to create social awareness about the importance of tress. The school made human chain of student representatives from each class and they planted trees in the school premises. A workshop was arranged where the students were inspired to plant more and more trees and were encouraged to take necessary steps in order to conserve environment. The teachers enlightened the students to take an oath for planting trees as well as nurturing trees to prevent future.


A workshop under the banner of Green Wave Eco-Club was held in the school premises on August 20, 2018. In this activity Ritika Lamba from the Procter and Gamble gave the demonstration to the girls of class VII and VIII about the health and hygiene of the girls. The students took active participation in the same and understood the importance of the matter very well.


To inculcate in the students love and care towards trees, our school conducted an activity on August 26, 2018, to tie the thread of protection to the trees. The students of class VI participated in the activity very enthusiastically. They had brought threads of love that is rakhis, for the trees. They tied the knot of care to plants and trees, promising to protect them. This activity brought them closer to the environment. The teachers also enlightened the students to take an oath for taking care of trees as well as nurturing the trees in their future as well.


Ramakrishna Sr. Sec. School organized an activity of composting on October 27, 2018, involving the students of class VI. Students were given the demonstration of how to make organic manure. This was done to promote organic farming, which is very beneficial for not only environment but also human and animal health. Students were also made to understand that using chemicals makes environment and water polluted.



Under the banner of eco club, the students of our school made impressive slogans for encouraging the celebration of eco-friendly Diwali on October 29, 2018. This inculcated in them the urgent need of the hour to keep the environment, pollution free. They conveyed the message of CLEAN DIWALI-GREEN DIWALI and promoted the requirement of saving environment.



A workshop was organized in the school premises on October 30, 2018, for the safety of the students. Resource person “Ms. Vandana Tandon” explained the rules and regulations in students’ favour and made them aware of “POSCO ACT” and Prohibition of child abuse. She further enlightened the students about basic behavior rules like touching each other, maintaining the distance, not using abusive language and boldly reporting of any untoward incident to the concerned authorities. The school Principal Dr. Mamta Aggarwal agreed that students’ safety is a priority of the school. She further urged that it is the duty of every parent to check the behavior of their ward. They should keep a check on their facebook profiles and on other such social networking sites. They should also cooperate with school authorities in providing their ward a safe environment.



To evoke positive emotions in the students of junior classes, a workshop was organized on November 1, 2018. In this activity students were encouraged to use positive emotions to cope with negativity. Teachers demonstrated the experiences of positive emotions to inculcate and build this ability with precision and specificity. In our school ‘evacuation mock drill are regularly organized where senior students are made to help junior students. They train them not to panic in such situation they help junior in evacuating the building, help them to move safely to the ground. Such situations help all the students to enhance their mental health and positive emotions to cope with the negative events.



In order to create awareness among students and staff to deal with any kind of emergency situation, an evacuation mock drill was conducted on November 3, 2018. The purpose of the drill was to practice the safety related measures and speedy evacuation of the building without panic, during the emergency situations like earthquake or fire, etc. To carry the drill in the stipulated time, the alarm was activated and building was evacuated. The time was measured nearly 4 minutes 05 sec.


ANTI CRACKER RALLY                                                                                                         

An anti-cracker rally was re-conducted on November 5, 2018. The prime motive of the rally was to make the students aware of the deteriorating environment and to find ways to improve it. The students of class IX and X took part enthusiastically. They made meaningful message conveying slogans and spoke them aloud. The few slogans read the messages: “diye jalaao, khushiyaan manaao”, “pathaake nahi deep jalao, jeevan ko khushaal banaao”, and other such environment friendly slogans. These slogans inculcated the habit of celebrating eco-friendly Diwali and spread awareness about the importance of healthy and safe environment.



Every year there occur numerous fire accidents, resulting in a great loss of property and life. But this can be avoided if we become careful and observe certain rules and regulations, regarding protection from fire. To raise awareness against such sudden fire incidents, our school organized an activity on November 30, 2018, for fire safety. In this activity students were given a demonstration on how to get out of a fire situation, (if on body); by following stop, drop and roll method. They were also explained the use of different kinds of fire extinguishers.



Waste segregation means dividing waste into dry waste and wet waste. Wet waste typically refers to organic waste usually generated by eating edible stuff which is heavy in weight due to dampness. Waste can also be segregated on the basis of being biodegradable or non- biodegradable. So to inculcate the habit of segregation of waste in students, an activity was conducted in our school in which primary classes took part very actively. They were taught how to segregate the waste on the basis of wet and dry waste. They understood very well that waste management is highly important for the health of living beings and also for saving the nature.



On November 22, 2018 an activity was organized on Animal Welfare Day. The activity started with the speech delivered by the teacher on protection of animals and its need. Students of class VIII were divided in the group to perform the calendar making activity. Students of each group made beautiful calendar for the year 2019 with impressive quotes and pictures which gave the message of saving animals. At the end one member from each group represented the group calendar with thoughts on importance of animal protection.

             BEST OUT OF WASTE                                                                                                                                   

Under the banner of eco club the school organized an activity named as “Best out of waste” for classes I – XII.  The aim of this activity was to raise awareness among students regarding not to throw used things which can be used in different ways like decorative pieces, storage box, etc. All the students participated very enthusiastically and made beautiful decorative pieces, wall hangings, boxes with waste materials. This activity gave the message of reduce, reuse and recycle too.



Over the past couple of years, the school has brought about a paradigm shift in the approach to disaster management. The disasters like earthquake, fire accident, blast, etc. cause harm to life and property. To prepare students to face such sudden incidents, the school keeps organizing mock drills, evacuation drills and safety measure drills. One such drill was organized on December 28, 2018 for students’ safety. In this drill, students were given a demonstration on how to get out of the school building when stuck in a fire. They were taught not to panic and evacuate the building without a stampede. Seniors were asked to help their juniors first. The time recorded in the whole process of building evacuation was 3 minutes 55 seconds.



On February 28, 2019, a special assembly was organized in which a speech was delivered by two of our faculty members; Ms. Maninder and Ms. Ruchika, highlighting the negative impact of the online games and social networking sites on students. The students were told of the wrong influence of games; PUBG, Grandtheft and Fortnight on their physical and mental growth. They were also told that spending excessive time on social networking sites disturbs their sleeping cycle and hence affects the functioning of their brains. The prime motive was to raise awareness among the students, discouraging the practice of such games and overuse of online sites.