Eco Club Activities 2017-18


During Earth Week Celebration, Two students of class VII, Kasutav Beriwal and Harleen Kaur presented a talk show on 20th April, 2017, which emphasized on the harm done by humans to the habitat of million creatures living on Earth.

They also conveyed that strict action should be taken by the government to curb such activities which can provide a safe environment to those creatures.


A skit on Earth Day was presented by the students of middle wing on 21st April, 2017. They conveyed the message that how the air, water and land pollution affects our earth. By their performance, they gave the message that man can also save the mother earth by keeping surroundings clean, using LPG, CNG and other such environment friendly means.


The students of middle wing performed a beautiful dance on 22nd April, 2017 on the occasion of Earth Day, which conveyed message of love and care about our mother earth. All the students enjoyed the performance very much. They were dressed beautifully in green dresses promoting the care and concern for nature.



A skit on Disaster Management was performed by the students of middle wing on      11th May, 2017. Through the skit, the students explained not to panic in the situation of Earthquake and use the “Drop, Cover, Hold” technique. They also conveyed that one should move to open areas, avoid using lifts and many such measures so as to save their lives


In order to create awareness among students and staff to deal with any kind of situation, an evacuation mock drill was conducted in school on 12th May 2017.

The purpose was to practice the safety measures and evacuation of the building during this emergency. In this activity the building was evacuated in nearly about 3 Min 21 Sec.


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School organized a Tree Plantation Drive under the banner of “Green Wave Eco Club” on 24th July 2017 to create social awareness about the importance of tree plantation.

A workshop was arranged where, the guest of honour, Mr. Vinod Kumar Meena, secretary, Delhi Judicial Service, TIS HAZARI court took time from his busy schedule and motivated and inspired the students of class VI through his speech and power point presentation, which emphasized on adverse effects of deforestation on environment and ecology.

The Principal Dr. Mamta Aggarwal encouraged the students to plant trees and contribute in conserving our Earth. At the end, she also put forward her sincere gratitude towards Mr. Vinod Kumar Meena for inspiring the students through his motivational speech.

Rakhi Tying to Trees

An activity of Rakhi Tying was organised in the school campus on 3rd August, 2017.

The students of class V took active participation to tie the bond of love with the trees and showed their care and concern towards the nature and environment. They also took the pledge to save the nature.

 Work shop on Adolescence   


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School organised a work shop on Health and Hygiene for girls of classes VI and VII on 9th August, 2017. Ms Ritika Lamba [DMC] of Proctor and Gamble gave a power point presentation related to changes during growing age of a girl. She also explained about the diet and exercise a girl needs to do to keep her strong internally. The programme was very informative for the girls.

Anti-Crackers Campaigning

On the bright and vibrant festival of Diwali, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School held a campaign on Anti Cracker Diwali on 13th October, 2017. The students of classes    IX-XII took part very enthusiastically.

The slogans spoken in the campaign conveyed the message not to burn crackers but to celebrate Diwali with diyas and lights. It aimed at celebrating an Eco Friendly Diwali.

Slogan Writing on Pollution Free Diwali 

Ramakrishna Senior Secondary school conducted an activity of Slogan Writing on the topic “Pollution Free Diwali” on 15th October, 2017.

Classes I-XII took active participation and wrote the slogans in a very presentable manner which encouraged to not to pollute the environment, avoiding burning of crackers and planting more trees.


An activity was conducted in the campus of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School under the topic of Say No To Poly Bags on 15th November, 2017 which emphasized on the use of paper bag.  In this activity student made the paper bags beautifully and took the pledge to avoid the use of poly bags.

They also made understand that the non biodegradable nature of the polythene immensely affects the nature and environment.