Eco Club Activities 2016-17

Skit on Earth Day

In special assembly for the Earth Day on 21st April, 2016, students of class VII & VIII displayed a Skit which showed the importance of the Earth Day that we should save our mother Earth by planting more and more trees, by saving water, by not polluting and wasting our natural resources. We should use natural resources in a sustainable manner.


Dance Performance on Earth Day

During the celebration of Earth Week on 21st April, 2016, students of class VII enacted a dance very beautifully. With the help of the dance, they presented love and care towards mother Earth. The students participated enthusiastically and they understood the meaning and importance to celebrate Earth Day.


Song on Earth Day

On 22nd April, 2016, during the special assembly on Earth Day the school choir group presented a melodious song on mother Earth. They sung the song with the musical instruments that created an environment of love and care towards nature to save and beautify the mother land. The program was concluded by the oath taking ceremony in which each and every student took part and pledged to maintain our nature.


Slogan Writing Competition on Earth Day

Green Wave Eco Club organized Interhouse Slogan Writing Competition on 22nd April, 2016 on the topic: Swachh Vatavaran Surakshit Hum. The activity created awareness among the students to keep the environment clean. Students of classes I to XII took active participation and wrote very beautiful and meaningful slogans which showcased the importance of cleanliness and human’s health that if we keep our surroundings clean we can maintain our health.


Workshop on Emotional Consideration

A workshop was organized on emotional consideration on 8th July, 2017. In this workshop positive emotions were built among the students of junior classes. Through this workshop students were encouraged to use positive emotions to cope with the negative events. To inculcate and build this ability teacher demonstrated the experiences of positive emotions in front of the students. Such activities help all the students to enhance their mental health and motivate them.


Plantation Drive

Continuing with its tradition of preserving environment and organizing various interactive activities, the Eco Club: Green Wave conducted the Plantation Drive in the school campus on 22nd July, 2016. The involvement of children in this event stimulated their interest in the environment. Students of class VI along with Principal, Dr. Mamta Aggarwal and other teachers undertook this plantation drive. The students planted number of saplings in the school nursery and helped to spread the message of afforestation.   All the students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the planting process.


Talkshow on World Environment Day

Eco Club organized a Talkshow based on the effect of global warming on the environment on 22nd July, 2017. Students of RKS participated and expressed their views about the present condition of the environment. Namrata Prakash of class IV innocently asked few questions based on Global Warming and Laksh Gambhir of class X and Unnati of class XI replied to her questions. They pinned the important points explaining the causes, effects of global warming and measures taken to overcome the situations. This Talkshow came to an end with an important message conveying safety of the environment.


Speech on World Population Day

A speech on World population Day was delivered in the school assembly by student of class X on 25th July, 2016. The principle message conveyed in the speech was for the people around the globe ie, Increase in population would reduce the available resources required for the livelihood. The student in his speech covered the aims of the governing council of United Nation development programme on various population issues. It came to an end suggesting the people to be aware of the situation in order to live in a sustainable economy.

Workshop on Adolescence

On 1st October, 2016, school organized a workshop on Health and Hygiene for girls of class VI & VII. Ms. Ritika Lamba (DME) of Proctor and Gamble gave a powerpoint presentation depicting a girl’s story related with “Puberty and Menarche”. She explained the changes that occur in girls and reason for those changes. She also explained the diet, exercise and personal hygiene. The workshop was very informative for the girls which would help them in dealing with such situations.

Slogan Writing Competition on Eco Friendly Diwali

On 25th October, 2016, school organized a Slogan Writing Competition on occasion of Diwali. The topic of slogan writing was Eco Friendly Diwali. Students from class I to XII took part very actively. They wrote the slogans very beautifully which gave the message of saving environment and to celebrate safe and healthy Diwali.

Anti-Cracker Campaign

On the beautiful festival of lightning – Diwali, school held a campaign on Anti Cracker Diwali. The students of class IX and X took part in it very enthusiastically. The slogan used in the campaign conveyed the message not to burn crackers but to celebrate Diwali with diyas. This campaign was flagged off by the students which created the awareness about the importance of healthy and safe environment.


Fire Safety

Most of the fire accidents occur because of our carelessness. Every year there are many fire accidents resulting in a great loss of property and life. Many of these can be easily avoided if we are more careful and observe certain rules and regulations regarding fire protection. School organized an activity on Fire safety on 20th January, 2017. In this activity students were given drill on how to get out of the fire safely and explained the use of different types of Fire Extinguishers.


Workshop on Disaster Management

Delhi is prone to natural disasters like Earthquakes. In order to create an enabled environment, it is important to spread awareness among the School Staff, Teachers and Students and prepare them to deal with this situation. For this purpose a workshop was organized in school by Green Wave Eco Club on 2nd February, 2017. The purpose was to practice the safety related measures during an emergency situation. Students demonstrated to take immediate actions during Earthquake in school, market, office or at home.