In honour of the National Day of Bulgaria, and to strengthen India- Bulgaria unison, students of RKS performed a conglomeration of events in MERI Institute, on April 13, 2018.The students begun with invoking Lord Ganesha, through nrityanjali. Thereafter they presented an instrumental medley of patriotic songs. Following this, a song promoting the cordial relations of both the countries was sung and played. This significant occasion witnessed, H.E. Ms. and Mr. Petko Doykov, Ambassador of Republic of Bulgaria, as the chief guests along with the other dignitaries. The occasion was celebrated with great zeal and zest.  The chief guest in his address appreciated the effort of Ramakrishnanians and applauded the budding talents.



Earth Week was organized between April 16, 2018 and April 21, 2018 to cast light on the importance of saving Mother Earth. The prime motive was to make the students environmentally aware to save the planet earth. Special assemblies conducted throughout the week induced in the students, the immediate requirement to be eco –friendly. They learnt to keep the class room and school premises clean, use paper bags instead of plastic bags. The week long assemblies witnessed, skit, poem enactment, speech, talk show, oath ceremony for saving the planet and a rally highlighting the importance of conservation of nature. The students made colourful banners showcasing phrases, “Go Green” and “Save Our Earth”. They understood the significance of conserving the planet.


To spread patriotic fervor all around the premises, Independence Day was celebrated on August 14, 2018 which commemorated, the sacrifices of the martyred souls who submitted themselves entirely for the cause of freedom of our country, India. The ceremonious occasion began with unfurling of the tricolor which went along with the flag song that was sung in union.  The celebration witnessed a blend of songs, dances, skit and poem filled with patriotism. Children wore tricolor dresses which showcased their infinite love for the nation.  The programme came to end with the recitation of the National Anthem.


The school celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan on August 25, 2018, marked by usual fervour and gaiety that one associates with this auspicious occasion. The event was celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal. The students were dressed in colourful festive attire. One of the students from the middle wing, delivered a speech, highlighting the significance of the festival. Students from the primary wing participated in the celebration and performed a heart popping dance. Later in the day, Rakhi tying was organized for classes I and II which helped the students to nurture a healthy relationship amongst each other and they learnt to form a bond of trust and protection between a boy and a girl by tying of a holy thread, ‘Rakhi’ around the wrist of brothers. Students were donning traditional attire during the day. The main aim was to instill the virtues of love and harmony among the young, growing Ramakrishnanians.


A special assembly on Janmashtami was organized on September 1, 2018. The students presented a mesmerizing dance performance, invoking Lord Krishna. Following the dance, a speech was delivered highlighting the significance of the festival. Another dance on medley of Krishna Leela songs was performed which showcased the pious bond between Radha and Krishna. It created an aura of devotion towards lord Krishna. It was celebrated with full zeal and zest and it revived the heritage of culture and tradition in Ramakrishnanians.


Guinness World Record holder Kokuyo Camlin, organized an All India Camel Colour Contest (AICCC), also known as the flagship activity, in the month of September in which 97 students of RKS participated from classes I to XII. There were six categories from Group A to Group F. Each category got a different, exciting and relevant topic. Jasman Singh of class III received I position at Zonal Level. 15 students were position holders at school level. Out of them, the I position winners were: Anshika of class II, Tarun Gupta of class VI, Devika Rajput of class IX and Ankita of class XII.  The Principal Dr. Mamta Aggarwal congratulated these students and appreciated the budding artists for their creativity and efforts.


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School organized a special assembly on Teachers’ Day on September 3, 2019. The students delivered speech, recited poems and presented a song in praise of their teachers and conveyed the importance of the day. It was celebrated with full zeal and zest. It promoted the feeling of reverence throughout the school premises.


All Work No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. Keeping the proverb in mind, the school arranged for a picnic to Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurugram, for the students of classes I to X on October 6, 2018 to energize the young souls. The fun filled troop reached the venue around 11 a.m. and was welcomed by the spokesperson. Students saw and experienced different facets of Indian Culture in the form of state dances, architectural magnificence, handicrafts and delectable state cuisines. The students were also mesmerized by the theatrical musical delight – JHUMROO performed at Nautanki Mahal which is a state-of-the-art auditorium. Designed like a grand palace, it staged the elaborated musical play which evoked beautiful memories intricately linked with cinema. The show was filled with evergreen numbers and had actors who struck all the right chords. Students were mesmerized by the beautiful act portrayed by them.  Following this, the students were then taken to the Cultural Gully, a boulevard; India’s first-ever sky dome with stalls capturing the culture of fourteen different states with local fine arts, cuisines and street arts which lit their spirits. Kingdom of dreams offered beautiful glimpses of the carnival that is India distilled into one iconic destination. This fabulous Kingdom brought to life a blend of India’s art, culture, heritage, craft, cuisine and performing art, all with the technological wizardry of today. The place also gave our students a chance to shop tit-bits for them which made them even happier. The memorable day ended with rejuvenating their spirits to the core.


Fun combined with learning makes for the best educational experience. Keeping this view in mind, Maths Exhibition was held on October 13, 2018 wherein the students of Classes II to XII put forth intriguing models and projects. Not only were the exhibits profoundly educative, they were simply fun to observe and learn from. As one entered the exhibition arena, enthusiastic students were bubbling with energy for the presentation of their models and projects.  Mathematical concepts like the Nine Point Circle, Probability, Eutrigon’s Theorem, Balancing Equation, Ratio-Proportion, Geometrical pattern, Concepts of Derivatives, Parametric Equation, 3 D figures, Pie Diagram, Identity Verification, etc. were explained with the aid of the most fascinating models and projects. How learning can truly be through hands on activities in the most educative way was exhibited through this exhibition. Thus the motive of acquainting practical utility of Mathematics among the students was achieved.


Posterity working on ideas that could well be the saving grace for our human civilization was the idea in mind. The school therefore organized Science Exhibition on October 13, 2018.  Multifarious models and projects exhibited by the young students based on improved and practical Sewage Treatment Plants, Human Respiratory System, Vacuum Cleaner Coaches, Waste Water Electricity Generation, Automatic Sensor Street Lights, Methods to reduce increasing Global Warming were captivating and raised one’s curiosity. It was equally mesmerising to see our industrious students apprising the inquisitive parents about the various working models. Parents, teachers as well as visiting dignitaries were amazed to see the new horizons that our students were aspiring to achieve on the field of science. This endeavour provided the students with a platform to exhibit their innovations that are but dreams hiding in their consciousness.


There is no doubt about the fact that technology has had a major impact on the economies around the world. The commerce and industries have witnessed a paradigm shift in the way businesses are being run in the twenty – first century. To instill practical knowledge and basic understanding of the same through commerce subject, the Commerce Exhibition was organized in the school on October 13, 2018.  The idea was to felicitate the overall development by involving students in basic practical understanding. The exhibits on the contemporary issues like Goods and Services Tax (GST), E-Banking, Auxiliary to Trade, Foreign Exchange, Types of Industries, Business Environment, Principles of Management, etc. were highly appreciated by the parents, teachers and the students as the various models, charts and projects reflected the deep understanding of the students. Dr. S. K. Bhatia, Chairman and Academic Counsellor, RKS, in his brief address, appreciated the hard work of the students in putting such wonderful exhibits and enlightened them about the vast scope in the Commerce field.


To unfetter the busily engrossed spirits of the students for a day, the school organized a picnic to World of Wonder, Noida, for the students of Classes IX to XII on November 3, 2018, which thrilled them to leaps and bounds. Upon reaching the place around 11 a.m., the students got overjoyed by the sight of numerous swings which included Rocking Roller, Big Beat, Mega Disco, Feedback, Download and many more. The wobble rides swayed the students according to their whims and exhilarated their senses. The students had endless experience of joy and thrill under the able care of their teachers. The rides flipped them upside down and left them completely awestruck. They enjoyed the rides as many times as they wanted. Around 2 p.m. the fragrance of food triggered hunger and everyone relished multi-cuisine food and then again resumed to the fun. One of the attractions there was the DJ dance. All the students danced on the floor with great energy on the pumping dance numbers and could not resist the dance flu. The place also had a specially arranged arena decorated with the theme of Halloween where the students promenaded and captured the enjoyable moments. The school buses started homeward journey at about 6 p.m. Each one had a big smile on their faces indicating they had had a great fun.


The festival of lights, Diwali, was celebrated with much gusto on November 5, 2018. The principal aim for organizing the celebration was to invoke in the students the very need of the hour, viz. to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner by avoiding crackers, instead lighting candles and diyas, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Skit enactment, poetry recitation, speech and dance were the highlights of the day. The basic theme that was conveyed was celebrating pollution free Diwali. Other than this the message of ‘Victory of Good over Evil’ was spread which felicitated the idea of happiness, prosperity and righteousness. The senior students marched a rally carrying the banners of ‘Pataake Hatao Pradushan Mitaao’ and ‘Say No to Crackers’ to create general awareness among the masses.


On November 14, 2018 Children’s Day was celebrated to commemorate Chacha Nehru’s birthday. One of the faculty members delivered a speech which highlighted the relevance of the day and encouraged the students to put forward their best in life. An inspirational poem and a song were presented by the teachers which conveyed their love for the students. Overall it was a fun filled day and the students were overwhelmed seeing the love of their teachers for them.


To help students make appropriate career choices, aptitude tests introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education is conducted every year in the school. It determines an individual’s propensity to succeed in certain activity. This year the test was conducted in school on December 1, 2018 for class X students. It administrated their aptitude which is a major yardstick for the choice of subject in class XI and also to ascertain their capabilities and interests in different disciplines. Our Chairman cum academic advisor, Dr. SK Bhatia, shared the outcomes of these tests with the parents and guided their wards to choose the stream. The students thus understand their strengths and limitations before making important career choices.


Mental ability test is designed to assess the logical reasoning or thinking skills of the  child. They also test the reasoning & interpretation skills of the students. This is done by evaluating at how a student approaches to the problems of the test.  This is done on the belief that the age up to 15 and 16 years is the time when intelligence grows. To measure the students’ ability to form concepts, solve problems, acquire information and perform other intellectual operations mental ability test was conducted in school for class 4th on December 4, 2018. Our academic advisor cum Chairman, Dr. S.K. Bhatia, shared the result of this test with the parents to inform them about their wards’ power of reasoning, ability to think and evaluate and ability to visualize.


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School celebrated its Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function on December 15, 2018. The function was inaugurated by Mr. SONAM TOBGAY, Dy. Chief of Mission, Royal Bhutanese Embassy.

Mr. ALEKESEY SHOPOSHNIKOV, Head of Science and Technology Section, Russian Center for Science and Culture was the Chief Guest.

Mr. BHUBANESWAR KALITA, M.P Rajya Sabha, presided over the function.

Mr. I.P. AGGARWAL, Chairman Triveni Educational and Social Welfare Society, Ms. KANTA AGAGRWAL, Director Ramakrishna Teachers Training Institute and Prof. LALIT AGGARWAL, Vice President M.E.R.I, Group of Institutions, graced the occasion by their benign presence.

The function commenced with the Lighting of Lamp by the dignitaries. The first stage performance was Ganesh Vandana which was presented with full devotion. This was followed by Annual Report read out by the school principal, Dr. Mamta Aggarwal, She highlighted the achievements of the school. The achievers in different fields were felicitated with certificates by the Chief Guest and other distinguished guests.

The Ballet, Virtuosity -The Panorama of Human Values, was the main attraction of the evening. Each letter of the school was linked with some values and real episodes were enacted by the students very effectively. The gigantic sets, the theatrical colours, costumes and the excellent performances of the students left an indelible impression on the audience. The grand finale gave an insight into the true meaning of the ballet.

The Chief Guest in his address congratulated the Principal for nurturing human values in students and further enunciated that this is the need of the hour to acknowledge the magnitude of imparting good values in children so that they can differentiate between right or wrong. These values help in developing a strong personality of students that minimize the possibility of having them go astray. He applauded the teachers and students for putting their efforts in depicting –the panorama of Human Values.

Mr. Bhubaneswar Kalita, in his speech, commended the institution for having good relation with other countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Bhutan, France, Argentina and China and for providing opportunities to the students for further studies there.

The function drew to a close with vote of thanks by Dr. S.K Bhatia, Chairman, R.K.S and recitation of the National Anthem.


The winter carnival and open talent hunt show is held each year in
RKS, with awesome eagerness. This year also on December 23, 2018, it witnessed immense participation by students, their parents and public at large. The school grounds pulsated with scintillating music and a lively crowd. The carnival had something in store for everybody, be it children or adults. The various stalls offering games like shoot the balloon, word cookies, hit the glass, try your luck, wheel of fortune, etc. put up by students were indeed a crowd puller. Numerous other stalls of footwears, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, jewellery and kurti stalls were set up along with an aromatic food court. The fete which was organised by the school was open to the public. The stage was set on fire by the wonderful performances of the students who revealed their skills, talents, wits and capabilities on one platform. It combined different activities viz.: dancing, singing, playing instruments and caricature.

A very special segment catering to the interest of the kids included a variety of rides and games. And to let the public tap their feet, DJ floor was arranged. The students, under the guidance of the teachers managed the stalls efficiently. There was enthusiastic participation from the public for the various ‘On the Spot games’. The evening also saw many winners walking away with prizes from the winner counter. The curtains fell to this celebration with the bumper draw of cycle distribution. The zest and zeal exhibited by an enthusiastic crowd of visitors and participants made the Winter Carnival 2018 a memorable one.


On January 17, 2019, Ramakrishnanians participated in the felicitation ceremony in the honour of His Excellency, Mr. Daniel Chuburu, ambassador of the Republic of Argentina. The ceremony was organised in MERI institute, in collaboration with Unity International Foundation. The momentous occasion was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Beginning the ceremony, the students invoked Lord Ganesha by presenting a Nrityanjali. Thereafter they presented a pastiche of songs which was a musical performance to pay tribute to all the football players of Argentina. The effort of the students was highly appreciated by the Chief Guest and the other dignitaries present there.


The school not only caters to the academic excellence of the students but also brings out the creative and innovative talents of their personality. So, in order to showcase the innovative creations of the students, the Art and Craft exhibition was held on January 21, 2019. The school hall was all decked up with art and paintings pertaining to different themes ranging from the Madhubani art, clay modeling, paper pasting, thumb impression to stamp printing, rangoli, glass painting were on display. It got an overwhelming response both by the children as well as by the guardians. It surely displayed the talent which the children have. The beautiful paintings and art work left the spectators mesmerized. The Best out of Waste craft work, which consisted of beautiful bags, newspaper photo frames, wall hangings, flowers and toys made of soft drink bottles, paintings on table calendars and art on compact disc exhibited the immense creativity of the students. The endeavour of the students who made art & craft from pistachio shell, ear buds, food grains, thermocol plates, pencil sharpens and bindis were appreciated by all. The Principal, Dr. Mamta Aggarwal, admired all the arrangements made in the exhibition and lauded the teachers and the students. It was an enriching experience for the students and the art teachers who had taken pains to make this art and craft exhibition a success.


Excursions and picnics are an integral part of students’ life as they break the monotony of their hectic routine and give them an opportunity to channelize their energies and to have their share of fun. Believing in overall development of the students, an excursion was planned on January 22, 2019, for class I students to Gurudwara, Temple, Church, Gym Park and Fire Station. They were excited to see the holy places and learnt how people of different religions show their faith in god. The Gurudwara was fully alive with religious fervour and sacredness. The students went quietly in lines, had prasad and prayed with folded hands. Upon reaching the church, students sat and prayed in silence while in the temple they enjoyed singing bhajans and chanted the mantras. It was a devotional and learning experience for the students. In the latter half of the day they arrived at the Gym Park where they understood the importance of physical exercises for their physical and mental growth. Further they also visited Fire Station where they viewed various fire extinguishing equipments, conversed with firefighters and learnt about fire safety measures. The excursion aimed at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create, explore and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability.



The school always makes it a point that the National Days and festivals should be celebrated with full zeal and gusto to inculcate in the students the importance of various historical facts and the customs and traditions of our motherland. With similar enthusiasm, Republic Day was celebrated on January 23, 2019. The vibes around were brimming with patriotism. The students sang flag song and presented dances, songs, speeches and poems that spread an air of patriotism and also highlighted the relevance of the day. The Chief Guest, Mr. I.P Aggarwal, Chairman, Triveni Educational and Social Welfare Society hoisted the flag and quoted the importance of the Indian Constitution. He also enlightened the students regarding their duties towards their nation and to be a responsible citizen. The programme ended with the recitation of the National Anthem.



On January 31, 2019, RKS conveyed best wishes to class X and XII students for their board examinations and bade farewell to class XII. Students of class X and XII were to appear for the most important examinations of their school span. Dr. S. K. Bhatia, Chairman RKS and Dr. Mamta Aggarwal, Principal RKS, conveyed their best wishes to the students in their address to the gathering. The Chairman in his speech highlighted the importance of hardwork along with time management. He laid stress on certain parameters through which one can achieve high scores in the examinations. The Principal blessed the students for their academic pursuits and emphasized on the importance of self-belief and consistent efforts.

Following this, begun the Farewell Ceremony in which a fiesta of performances were showcased devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The poetry recitation by Ms. Maninder, one of the faculty members, on behalf of the entire school, conveying best wishes to class XII students, aptly set the momentum of the ceremony. The experience sharing of the years spent by Class XII in the school made everyone nostalgic. A Self-composed poetry recited by Rajat Chauhan, one of the twelfth class students charmed the audience. The performance on medley of songs by the students of class IX and XI based on ‘The Journey through RKS’ exhibited the glimpse of the years and the eternal bond of friendship they had with each other, filled every heart with humour. At the end, with heavy hearts, the entire RKS fraternity bid adieu to the outgoing batch of class XII students.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Believing the same, Investiture Ceremony was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion on January 31, 2019. This ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested torch bearers. The school believes that the child centric approach will frame a responsible citizen. The newly appointed Head Boy Aman Yadav and Head Girl Yakshi Verma, of class XI, criteria of their selection being discipline, regular, punctual and their scores in the class, were conferred with sashes by the previous year’s Head Boy, Udbhav Mani and Head Girl, Vidhi Bhalla. They took the oath to discharge their duties to the best of their capabilities. The chief guest, Mr. I.P. Aggarwal, Chairman, Triveni Educational and Social Welfare Society, admonished the newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. He also exhorted them to uphold the values.


On January 31, 2019 class XII students were felicitated with titles. These titles went to those who by dint of their merit, conscientiousness, commitment and focused attitude proved their distinctiveness and uniqueness.

The titles conferred were: Miss Regular to Gunjan Sharma and Master Regular to Kapinder Singh, Miss Cooperative to Samanpreet Kaur and Master Cooperative to Vishesh Madan, Miss Confident to Mansi Aggarwal and Master Confident to Archit Binji, Miss Responsible to Kawaljeet Kapoor and Master Responsible to Kunal Gahlot, Miss Obedient to Vidhi Bhalla and Master Obedient to Shubham Gahlot, Miss Decent to Priya Mittal and Master Decent to Ritik Verma,  Miss Perfect to Meghna Sharma and Master Perfect to Deepak Aggarwal. The students who were endowed with the most awaited titles Miss and Master Ramakrishna were; M. Manojana and Udbhav Mani.  The title winners were congratulated by all the revered guests and the august gathering.


Hindi is undoubtedly a beautiful language; it is the language of the vast majority in India.

The Hindustani Bhasha Akademi, an organisation dedicated to the promotion of Hindi language along with various  regional languages of India organized a felicitation ceremony on February 3, 2019, in which students of various schools of class X, attaining 90 or more than 90 marks in their Board Exam 2018, of Hindi subject, were awarded with the title of Bhasha Doot and those who attained 100 marks were conferred with the honour of Bhasha Prahari. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science & Technology presided as the chief guest along with other revered literary personalities. 5 students of our school were honoured with the title of Bhasha Doot and their Hindi language teacher, Ms. Hemlata Govil, was also honoured with a momento by the distinguished guests. Students of more than 100 schools of Delhi, were a part of this ceremony and were awarded with certificates and momentos. The academy’s contribution stands major in promoting Hindi language throughout the country.


Health is Wealth – To ensure good health of the students the school participated in National Deworming Day in accordance with the guidelines of the government which was conducted on February 8, 2019. Students from class I to XII were given deworming tablets under the able supervision and guidance of the teachers. Goverments’ Medical team also visited the school premises to examine any health issue (if occurred), but there was no such issue registered.


The school organized an excursion to ‘Traffic Training Park’ for the students of class II on February 12, 2019. The students were greeted by a traffic police personnel at the gate and a squeal of excitement shot through the group. Students were thrilled to see exhibits of helicopter, ambulance, fighter plane etc. The Inspector-in-charge showed the tiny tots around and explained the basic road signs, traffic rules and traffic signals.  It was an enriching experience for the children as they learnt about the use of footpaths, subways, foot-over bridges and zebra crossings. An interactive session on the importance of ‘wearing the seat belt at all times’, ‘avoiding the use of cell phones while driving’, ‘not to jump a red light’, ‘importance of wearing helmet’ and ‘not to over speed’, held the attention of the students and they waited to go home and tell their parents about what heard! The little visitors were excited to see the fabricated pedestrian pathways, sign-boards and traffic lights. Last but not the least, the students were asked few questions for recapitulation of the learning that took place during the trip, to which they promptly replied with alacrity. The visit was not only an educational one but also intriguing. Overall it was a fruitful trip with a refreshing mix of education and entertainment.