RamaKrishna Senior Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi organised its Science Exhibition in which students showcased projects and models on a wide range of topics. Students from all classes displayed models and projects that promoted innovative ideas coupled with knowledge and information.
The science based working and non-working models, charts and presentations caught attention of the audience.
Maths Exhibition was organised in Ramakrishna Sr. Secondary School. The Mathematics Department showcased brilliance through various puzzles, models, projects, etc.
The students exhibited their models with an objective to develop mathematical skills that helps to understand Maths easily and can be used in their day to day life. The maths activities included Vedic Maths, Circular Geo Board, Hanging Bridge, Transportation, Application of Integration, Framework of Roads, Parametric Equator, Special curve in nature, representation of data in Venn Diagram, Representation of irrational numbers on number line etc. and these were explained by the students. 
Ramakrishna Sr. Secondary School, organised Commerce Festival in school premises. It provided students a platform to know about market and economy. The Exhibition encouraged students to be innovative and observant about all business activities and to discover what is happening in the business world.
Students not only described opportunities in business but also responsibilities of a businessman towards society. They showcased through models the various opportunities available for commerce students. Students were provided a platform to speak on latest concept of Human Resource Management with the help of models.

Art & Craft forms an integral part of cultural India. It brings out the true essence of the country. Owing to our vast culture, Ramakrishna Sr. Sec. School promoted the creativity of pupils in school by organizing ‘ART & CRAFT EXHIBITION’ .
The school had an exquisite look and was adorned with beautiful Art & Craft Exhibits. The exhibition showcased the efforts of students from different age groups. It gave an opportunity to growing young artists to display their creative talents and develop a humane outlook. Pupils’ Handicraft Skills were displayed via handbags, folders and coloured pots and stupendous collage work stunned everyone around. The exhibition had an array of Art & Craft items ranging from Expressive Pottery, Thalli Decoration, Candle and Doll Making, Miniature to many-more eye-catching stuffs.