School Faculty

Well-trained and fully-qualified staff as per norms of Govt. of Delhi and CBSE has been provided. The well experienced faculty has mastered the art of training students for excellence. Students derive maximum assistance and total support from the faculty in proper and easy assimilation of knowledge.


Faculty Room

It is a place where teachers recharge themselves to get impetus to guide their students. It is a spacious, airyand well-lit room. Here, the teachers discuss various issues to enlighten the students. It is equipped with state of the art furniture, cupboard and intercom facilities. Every teacher is provided with a cupboard and drawers to keep books and note-books. In this room, teachers correct the notebooks and plan to organize various co-curricular activities. Subject teachers sit together and plan about the completion of syllabus assignments and tests etc.


Faculty Meetings

One important feature of the school is the fortnightly/ monthly meeting of the faculty. Meetings of the subject-teachers are held for reviewing the work done, co-ordination of content, completion of syllabus, standard of students, conduction of class tests and allotment of extra assignments in different subjects.

At – times, teachers are advised to go individually or in groups to visit other educational institutions. As a result of the exchange of ideas, the task of correlating and co-ordinating the work is more effective and keeps the teachers abreast of the latest trends in education.

Workshops conducted by experts for in-service training and refresher courses are regular features of the school.Whenever possible, we take advantage of the experience and expertise of educationists in the country and from abroad.