Fit India Celebration Week

Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School celebrated fitness week in the second and third week of November month to inculcate healthy habits in students and teachers. The main objective of the movement was to encourage students to reduce the screen time and to increase active field time.

Morning Assembly-Yoga For All

We had a session of yoga for students. In this session students were taught the benefits of yoga and under trained instructor they learnt many ‘Asanas’ which help them increasing their concentration,mental fitness and physical fitness.

Activities for On Fitness and Nutrition for Student and Staff

Students and staff were encouraged for fitness activities like Aerobics and healthy diet. Our sports teachers took a session for students on healthy diet which will keep them healthy and fit.Students were told to stay away from aerated drinks, junk food and fried food which may damage their bones and liver. Students were told to eat healthy food like green vegetables,fruits , dry fruits and sprouts which may enhance their immunity system and health.

School’s trained instructor for aerobics takes aerobic sessions for students on a regular basis.During fitness week celebration also Students aerobics classes were conducted. Aerobics is a rhythmic exercise which is very good for cardiovascular fitness, it is very much liked by students as it includes music and some dance steps.Students took active participation and learnt benefits of doing aerobics on a regular basis.

Morning Assembly- Free Hand Exercise

Students were encouraged for morning exercises. Our sports teachers after morning assembly taught students simple exercises which will keep them healthy and fit. Both teachers and students did exercises such as jumping jack,touching toes ,spot jogging ,hopping etc.

Mental Fitness- Lecture by Sports Psychologists

A lecture session was conducted in the morning assembly for the students by our sports instructor Ms. Shakuntala. She encouraged students about daily routine of physical exercises and spend maximum time in fresh air. She told how physical exercises are important in keeping mental fitness too along with the physical fitness.

She told students that exercises such as running,yoga ,cycling etc can increase the concentration and also improves the blood circulation . She also told that regular exercises and reduce the risk of obesity in children.

Fitness Assessment Through Khelo India

This initiative will help students to develop healthy mind and body in future. With this aim students were encouraged to play many games like PITTHOO, KHOKHO, KABBADI,VOLEYBALL,THROWBALL,BASKETBALL ETC. Our sports teachers divided classes into teams and students were explained the rules of games and they were made to play games in their games and hobby periods.Students were told the benefits of playing outdoor games in team which increase their stamina and fitness.Students also learnt healthy competitive spirits while playing in teams.Playing games will definitely enhance their learning skills too.

Poster Making Competition

A poster making competition was organized in the school for the classess 3rd to 12th. Students made beautiful posters on A-4 size sheet depicting various games and slogans which will encourage students to play more and more ourdoor games.

Physical Activities For All Students – Dance, Aerobics, Taekwondo, Rope Skipping etc.

Students were encouraged for the various physical activities like dance, aerobics, Taekwondo,rope-skipping etc . Students learnt learnt classical dance like kathak from our school trained instructor Ms.Archana. Students were also encouraged for other activities for healthy and fit mind and body. Students were told the importance of exercises and asked them to daily spare some time for exercises that will help them in keeping fit body and mind.

Essay/Poem Writing and Quiz Competition

Essays/poems were written in both Hindi and English language. Students wrote their essays to sensitise the issue of fitness . Students tried to encourage people to become more physically active and sporty. Students showed concerns regarding health issues caused due to sedentary lifestyle.

Quiz was conducted in the form of 20 MCQ questions. Each question was having three options and each question carried one mark. Questions were framed  to sensitise the issue of FIT INDIA. Questions were based on the main games played in india . Questions were based on the importance of the games and fitness in overall development of a child.