In-Service Programmes For Teachers

In the present educational sceneria, the teacher has to be well equipped to face the challenges and enhance the teaching learning process to maximize interest and productivity amidst children.  Towards this end, RKS has always endeavoured to strive for excellence by sending teachers for workshops, orientation programmes and inservice training to facilitate the leaning process.

The school organizes In-service Training Programme which is for the teachers. During the year 2019-20 the following service program were organized in the school premises:

1. 26-03-2019 Technological Inputs and Curriculum Transaction Dr. Amit Ahuja Entire Staff
2. 27-03-2019 Improving Students’ Spoken English Dr. Neera Narang Entire Staff
3. 29-03-2019 Inclusive Education & Life Skills Prof. Harpreet Kaur Bhatia Entire Staff
4. 13-04-2019 Motivation as a tool of Teachers’ Effectiveness Dr. Subhash Chander Entire Staff
5. 17-04-2019 Mission 100% Students’ Achievement Dr. S. K. Bhatia Entire Staff
6. 17-04-2019 Percentile Ms. Charu & Ms. Sheetal Entire Staff
7. 05-07-2019 Positive Parenting Ms. Anu Singh Entire Staff
8. 06-07-2019 Self-Motivation Mr. Manoj Sethi Entire Staff
9. 16-07-2019 Developing MCQ’s Dr. S. K. Bhatia Entire Staff
10. 04-09-2019 Power of Learning Mr. Lucky Entire Staff