International Collaboration

The group has strong international affiliation and collaboration with prestigious universities spanning from China in the east of Europe and America in the West.





1 Coventry University U.K .
2 Bordeaux Business School France
3 University de Bretagne –SUD France
4 University of Paris-Dauphine France
5 Ecole de Management de Normandie France
6 ISEP, Catholic University of Paris France
7 IPAC Annecy France
8 Champery Graduate School of Business France
9 Universite de Versilles Saint –Quentin France
10 ECE ,University of Paris France
11 HA University of Science & Technology Germany
12 Cumhuriyet University Turkey
13 YUAN SE University South Korea
14 Daeduk University, Daejaon South Korea
15 University of Manitoba Canada
16 University of Moncton Canada
17 Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
18 Changsha University of Science & Technology China
19 Shanghai University of Electric Power China
20 Tianjin Foreign Studies University China
21 ESC ,   Ren France
The child once admitted to Nursery Class can pass-out as a highly qualified professional up to Post Graduate by pursuing studies in the Institutes run by the society.