Cir. No.  RKS/CIR/2019   January 25, 2019                                                                                                                  

Dear Parent

RKS greets and wishes you for the days ahead.

The schedule for the   month of February is given below so that you can plan well for your ward’s revision for the final exams.

CLASS 11.02.19 Monday 13.02.19 Wednesday 19.02.19 Tuesday
LKG English(oral) Hindi(oral) Art & Craft Maths(oral) G.k(oral)
UKG English(oral) Hindi(oral) Art & Craft Maths(oral) G.K(oral)
CLASS 22.02.19 Friday 25.02.19 Monday 28.02.19 Thursday
LKG English (Written) Hindi (Written) Maths (Written)
UKG English (Written) Hindi (Written) Maths (Written)

Kindly note the following points:-

 1)  February 11&12, 2019 will be full working day for classes LKG & UKG.

 2)  February14 to 18, 2019 will be study leave .

     3) The school timings for the Annual Exam on February  13, February 19 to 28 will be 7:50 am to 11:50 am.

     4 ) The Dispersal Timings for the students on Feb 13, 19, 22, 25, 28 will be as given below:-

      Van Students-11:30am  Bus Students-11:40am    Walkers-11:50am

 5)  Students need to come only on the Exam Days. (Refer to the Date Sheet)

 6)  Fees or any other  dues  have to be cleared before Annual Examination.

 7)  School Bus facilities for the current session will be ending,so  parents who wish to continue      with the Bus Services for their wards for the Academic Year 2019-2020 will have to fill and submit the form available with the Class Teacher on the day of Result  PTM positively,otherwise without intimation it  will be treated as dis-continuation of bus services.

 8)  Session Break for classes LKG and UKG is from March 1- March 30,2019.

 9)  The Annual Result PTM will be on March 23,2019 from 8:15 to 10:15a.m. sharp.

 10) The New Academic Session 2019-2020 will commence from April 1,2019.

 11)  Students must wear their old I-Card in the New Academic Session (2019-2020) till they get  their  new I-Cards. In case of loss of old I-Card , students can get Provisional I –Card from their respective Class Teacher.