Dear Friends                                                                                                           Dec.30,2020

Greetings from MERI—Journal of Education

Recently, the April 2020 issue published was a Special Issue on –Dialogue. The October 2020 had Special Report on the National Education Policy -2020. The articles were contributed by many authors , which enhanced the journal’s repute.

From April 2021 the journal MERI -JOURNAL of EDUCATION will be available online .

Now, we are inviting articles, for April 2021 issue on some specific issues :–

  • The challenges being faced by Teachers and Principals in virtual teaching-learning situation
  • What alternates can be thought of in such  Teaching-Learning situations?
  • Alternates, in Teaching-Learning situation, for Teachers– away from just being ‘computer operators’.
  • Discussion, Critique, Suggestions on the National Education Policy 2020
  • Paradigm shift in education.

For the April 2021 issue, please send your articles by mid-February 2021.

Send your articles at the following address :–   OR

Editor  Dr. S.P.Pathak        and    Associate Editor   Dr. S. Dhiman