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Inviting Articles for April 2022 Issue

 MERI—Journal of Education Volume XVII, Number I, April 2022

Published Bi-annually —  April and October

Jan. 04,2022/Feb. 14,2022

Dear Friends

Greetings from  MERI—Journal of Education. Wish you all a happy, healthy, disease free- New Year 2022

This seems to be the era of ultra-modern age, where there are uncertainities and most of our cherished convictions about life seem to have undergone a sea change. To the extent that our aims of education need to be revisited with new options. There is need to redefine/revisit our aims of life and thereby the aims of education in this time.

We would like to invite papers/articles redefining/revisiting the educational system from this new perspective.

In fact, this perspective of redefining our educational system was at least two decades away, judging by the advancement in communication technology, which  was entering our daily life,  slowly and steadily. But this Covid-19 pandemic has hastened this process by making us think aloud and act promptly.

Articles/Papers are invited to address to this issue of online education for all, on alternate system/s of imparting education, which was/were reserved earlier only  for ‘distance learners’,  and the way they were being included in the education system. The need of the hour is to usher in this New Online system in education and to make it intelligible and a desirable necessity, rather than a forced option.

 As we know there are some basic foundations of education, which need to be redefined in this new norm. The themes can be articulated in this way :–

(1). Any change that you envisage in the philosophic foundations of education.

(2). The aims, purpose of education –do they need to be redefined? If yes, how and in what way?

(3) The psychological aspect in education  which impacts the learners’ capacities and capabilities.

(4) The role and place of family on the education of the learner, the socialization process, influence of peers, the student-teacher relationship—What kind of changes are they undergoing in this new norm ?

(5) The impact on curriculum and methodology of teaching, evaluation and other processes of teaching and learning.

(6) The importance of School system.

(7) Any other related issue/issues can be taken up.

Please submit your well researched   Articles for the April, 2022 issue by mid-March 2022.

The word limit is within 3000-4000 words. An abstract of 100-150 words should be given and 7-10 keywords.

Please send in Word form and Not in PDF format.Please submit an undertaking, stating that this is your original work and it has not been submitted elsewhere.

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