Inviting Articles for Volume XVII, Number 02, October 2022 issue

Special Issue—Ethics, Values and Virtues

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In the April 2022 issue we had mentioned that the Oct. 2022 issue will be Special Issue on Virtues. After deliberations, it has been decided to add Ethics and Values. So, this issue will be special issue on Ethics, Values and Virtues.

Ethics, as we know, is one of the most important domains of Philosophy which deals with the morality issues and what is right and good conduct in human life. Human beings being ‘rational animals’ have set up many codes of conduct for smooth co-existence on this earth.

Each era brings with it new ethical bindings/understandings/contentions due to social and economic changes which are brought about by technological advancement which merits continuous ethical deliberations. The overall changes are so fast and dynamic due to new discoveries in this techno-cultural era that this advancement merits continuous deliberations on new emerging ethical issues. For example, the new online mode of teaching and learning makes us look at the ethical behavior of students and teachers in the classrooms.

Values are our cherished choices that we exercise in our life to lead a good, stress- free life. Though the values remain the same, their expressions change with the changes in social living, which happens because of technological developments which brings about social change which is again due to change in economic structure. So, values need to be discussed in a continued dialogue mode.

Virtues are lesser discussed. Virtues are different from values although the two belong to the same family of moral goodness inherent in mankind. Plato mentions four Cardinal Virtues, namely –Justice, Wisdom, Courage, Self-control (Temperance). Then there are Moral Virtues, Intellectual Virtues.

Justice, Prudence, Courage, Integrity, Faith, Hope, Charity etc. are virtues which are present in us, and they are part of our character. Just as the list of values is very long similarly the list of virtues is also long.

Articles are invited on these inter-related themes—Ethics, Values, Virtues–for the October 2022 Special issue of MERI Journal of Education. The sub-themes can be specified thus–

1. The need, and importance of Ethics, in every person’s life, in all spheres of life—social, political, economical, professional, religion, as a world -citizen etc.

2. Teaching of ethics at all levels of education, especially at higher education level, in all courses of study

3.  Values and their relevance in today’s fast changing world for all age groups, especially growing children.

4.  The inculcation of values in students through education, and teaching-learning process.

5. If some research has been conducted in this area by youself, it will be welcome and appreciated.

6.  Virtues are different from values? If yes, how? An in-depth philosophical discussion /analysis of values and virtues can be done.

5.  An important question to be deliberated upon—Can the virtues be inculcated (like values)? This aspect needs understanding of values and virtues

6.  The role of education and schooling and other agencies, like literature, history etc. in inculcating values and awareness about virtues

7.  Any other relevant area in Ethics, Values, and  Virtues related to education.

The article should be in the word limit of 3000-4000 words.

It can be a philosophical treatise, exploring the areas of Ethics, Values, Virtues, and their relevance for human- kind. The article can be on any virtue/s and its philosophical analysis, for example—courage, justice…….etc.

Please send your article on–sdhiman50@yahoo.comor sushildhiman194@gmail.comor

The Articles should reach us by Mid-August,2022 for the October2022 issue.

Please adhere to the word limit.

Please send in Word Form and not in PDF Form.

References should be in the commonly accepted style.

The information about the Author should be placed after References.

Please submit ‘Plagiarism Report’ and the declaration that it has not been sent elsewhere for publication.

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Editor—Dr. Sushil  Dhiman                                             

Assistant Editor—Dr. Vikas  Baniwal

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