Principal’s Message

From The Principal’s Desk

Are we imparting meaningful education to our children in our schools? Are we leading them to the right direction to what they want to become? If these two questions were put to educationists, parents and teachers, we would not be getting a positive reply. That means something is lacking in us today or something is knowingly neglected by all of us. The present day schooling helps children only to learn to become consumers in the market economy and do not help them to become good citizens in the true sense to help in nation building. Where did we go wrong? Let us look into the healthy of pattern of education at the present day contest and think of an educational renewal to make the system useful, meaningful and productive to fulfill the purpose of life. The schools should think of a change from the present curriculum and exam oriented assembly line schooling system. The central focus should be the human being and his well being. The world today looks for human beings who are not only empowered, competent and self salient but who have universal concern and imbibe such values in them that will preserve the wealth of the world including human resources. The schools in our country need to respond to these emerging dimensions and prepare holistic human beings with a sense of tolerance, love and concern for their fellow beings.

In short, there is a need to education system that will humanize the younger generation. When we think of now the present day schools respond to the above, the future schools need to have a strong commitment in developing the right attitudes in the learner to be committed citizen who can contribute effectively and meaningfully to the nation.
Let me end with what Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says when he talks about teachers and parents in his book titled, “Ignited Minds’. “I personally believe the full development of a child with value system can only come from parents and teachers. It is very important for every parent to be willing to make the effort to guide children to be good human beings enlightened and hard working. The teacher, the child’s window to learning and knowledge, has to play the role model in generating creativity in the child.”
Dr. (Mrs.) Mamta Aggarwal