School activities

Math Lab Activities

Image Math ActivitiesMaths has always been considered a difficult subject by most of the students. Abstraction level of this subject keeps it in the group of difficult subjects. To give a new vision to this subject NCERT has given a new concept of maths lab. A maths lab has been established in the school to replace old descriptive approach in favors of learning by doing. It helps not only in making the concepts clear but also makes the subject interesting. Students enjoy learning by doing and thus following the concepts easily.

Art Education
Art Education ImageArt education constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the child and it goes on in a creative, productive and jovial manner. It encourages to develop creative expression and sharpens senses through keen observation of the environment. Art education lab is the lab of creative art activities like sculpture making, drawing and painting. In this lab, students portray their creativity and aesthetic sense. Interest developed in subject helps them in the main subject as they learn better ways to do their projects, make charts, models, etc.
Work Education
Image Work EducationThe school has a work education lab where the students are trained in art and handicrafts like:
  • Collage work of different types
  • Candle making
  • Flower making
  • Flower pot making
  • Soft toy making
  • Marble painting
  • Spray painting
  • Wax painting
  • Tile painting
  • Fabric painting
  • Pots decoration
  • Bandhen wari
  • Glitter, spray, stencils
  • Different stitch ings
  • Chinese fan etc.


Value Education
Value Education ImageValue education is not imparted through lessons. It is the very process of socialization. Every programme of the school conveys some value which gives maximum benefit to the students. To imbibe ethical values among the students, stress is given on value education. Various programmes are organized to uplift the students morally and spiritually to make them responsible, sensitive and decent human beings. In modern society there is a culture of imitating the west but here at RKS we work towards maintaining our rich culture to preserve the human values of our past.
Home Room
Home Room Image hereIn the concept of ‘Home Room’ the class is known as home room group and the class teacher as Home room teacher. She pays attention to students individually and is a link between the parents and the principal. He/She is responsible for excursions, camps, projects for awareness of social and national issues, discussion on current affairs and participation in programmes conducted in the school. School is the second home as children spend quality time here. They are guided in all spheres for their all round development.
Leadership Training
Image Not AvailableTo ensure holistic and healthy development of the students, emphasis is given on leadership training. More and more students are encouraged to participate in the organizing committees of various functions to develop leadership skills. The students themselves manage various activities in the class as well as school.
C.A. A Novel Idea
Image CAStudents at R.K.S. eagerly wait for weekly C.A. period. C.A. stands for cultural activities / current affairs / councellor’s advice. The school lays great emphasis on cultural activities and current affairs for the students. A time slot is kept for this purpose. The students are encouraged to take part in these activities so as to ensure their all round development. Science quiz, G.K. quiz, recitation competitions and debates are regular features of this period.
Administration of Differential Aptitude Test
Image Aptitude TestAptitude may be defined as a specific capacity of special ability of an individual, indicative of his probable success in a particular field.
Aptitude tests have a wide range of application. They have proved to be the backbone of all kinds of guidance services and selection programmes as they are very useful for predicting the suitability of individual’s competence regarding their vocational / professional fields. As the allocation of subject-streams takes place in the beginning of +2 stage, school has a practice of administering the tests in 10th class. These tests reveal the subjects that the students can learn with ease at the +2 level. The administration of these tests is very important as it diagnoses the latent strengths of students with respect to their future learning direction on the basis of which a fair opinion can be formed about student’s future career. Along with this, student’s I.Q is also measured. A final decision about a student’s stream is taken on the basis of aptitude & intelligence tests coupled with their achievement in 10th board Exams.
Intelligence Tests
Image Aptitude TestIntelligence means intellect put to use. It is the capacity to learn and adjust to relatively new and changing conditions. Many intelligence tests are constructed for measuring the intelligence of the child. Comprehensiveness, practicability and presence of mind etc. are taken into consideration.
Intelligence tests are very helpful to the teachers as well as students; they are conducted for the purpose of classification of students, their educational guidance, vocational guidance, for the study of sex differences, selection for the purpose of admission, scholarship, specific abilities and understanding the personality of students.
School also measures students’ mental ability when they are in class 5th This is done on the belief that intelligence grows till the age of 15 & 16 years. Student’s achievement is shared with their parents and ways and means are discussed for their mental development.
Counselling Cell
A counseling cell has been set up in the school to take care of the changes in the behavioral pattern of the child re n towards parents, peers, teachers and those with whom they come in contact in everyday life. Counseling sessions are given to the adolescents to channelize their energy in positive actions, since this is the age of maximum distractions and the stage where they have to take decisions for life. Problematic children are dealt separately depending on the type of help required. Students can freely discuss their problems, fears, pressures and doubts.
Student Council And Prefectorial System
The student council consists of Head Boy, Head Girl and prefects. They provide leadership to the student community and assist in the smooth functioning of the school. They help in organizing functions and maintaining discipline. Each class has a monitor to take care of discipline, cleanliness and other activities. The school encourages students to become a part of this system.