Circular Regarding Safety of School Students



RKS\cir\2017\5                                  CIRCULAR                        Date: 21st September, 2017

Dear Parents,

In view of the recent unfortunate incidents which have taken place in NCR School, we wish to inform you that your ward is safe in our school. Child Safety and Security is our prime concern.

Following are the safety measures taken by the School.

  1. Regular monitoring of the school is carried out through CCTV cameras installed in the school. Additionally,Cameras are being installed in each classroom.
  2. Teachers accompany the students in the buses.
  3. Teachers are on floor duties wherein they check the smooth flow of students into the building in the morning and their movements during break time and as well as at the time of dispersal.
  4. Separate washrooms are provided to the support staff.
  5. Female attendants are deputed outside the washrooms for the assistance of younger students.
  6. No Parent is allowed to meet the teachers during the school hours as teachers are busy with the students during this time. Parents are requested to meet the teachers only after the school hours after seeking prior appointment.
  7. The school regularly holds workshops for children to sensitize them on various pertinent topics like good touch-bad touch, road safety, bullying, cyber safety, disaster management etc.
  8. Disaster Drills are conducted to practice evacuation in order to prepare children for any emergency.
  9. Fresh Police verification of all employees is under the process.

In the interest of the security and safety of your ward, parents are requested to adhere to the following guidelines issued by School Management / Directorate of Education.

  1. Parents who come to pick their wards are advised to come 10 minutes before 2’o clock or end of the school so that their wards are not left unattended outside the school.
  2. Students who commute on their own should be instructed by the Parents, not to stop anywhere on the way. They should go to their home directly.
  3. Parents of children using private vans / rickshaws should ensure that the drivers have proper Police Verification / Police Clearance Certificate.
  4. Incase your ward’s designated private van is not coming on a certain day and parents are coming to pick up their ward, the school must be informed by the parents in writing through a separate application in advance. Parents should direct their ward to wait at the School Reception.
  5. Parents should not allow their children to bring any motorized vehicle to the school. We do not wish to encourage kids to ride bikes/ scooters/ cars to school. This is necessary for the safety of the child. It also acts as trigger for many other students to force their parents for similar permission.
  6. Metal objects such as scales, scissors, metal water bottles, steel fork in lunch box etc. are prohibited in the school campus with immediate effect. These items must not be brought to the school.
  7. Students should carry four to five sharpened pencils. Parents are requested not to send Sharpeners, cutters and scissors.
  8. For safety purpose no lunch box or any belongings will be entertained at the school reception.
  9. Students are not allowed to go to their home in between the school hours. In case of emergency only parents should come to pick up their ward from the school. Please do not send your elder sibling or any other relative.
  10. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards should not wear jewelry or carry expensive gadgets and mobile phones. Parents should spend quality time with their wards so that they do not hesitate in sharing any untoward incident which makes them uncomfortable. We request you to develop a strong bond with your ward that empowers him/her to be able to discuss issues on daily basis. Do listen to your child patiently and keep the school informed for any precautionary and preventive steps to be taken for the well being of our children.
  11. Parents are advised to keep a watch on their children while they are using Internet, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktops etc at home or any other place.
  12. Parents are also requested to check and monitor for any behavioral changes such as loosing appetite, sleep or being too fussy about privacy. That kind of behavior indicates that something is wrong. Don’t take it lightly.
  13. Check that your child avoids the company of outsiders who may push him to try E-cigarettes / other intoxicants. School has strict rules if violations are noticed.
  14. It is mandatory to intimate the school authorities regarding any change in Address and Phone No. of the parents
  15. Parents should also train their wards regarding “Good-Touch” and “Bad-Touch”.

Additionally, a committee has been formed by the school comprising of Teachers, Parents and Students under the Chairmanship of a Retd. ACP of Delhi Police to suggest additional security arrangements in the school.

No security is complete without the active support and advice of the parents. We seek your partnership in providing a safe and conducive environment to our children for which your valuable suggestions are always welcome.

Warm Regards