Cir 2020-2021/Datesheet/1                                                                                       June 5, 2020

Dear Parents,

As  you  know, India is facing devastating Corona virus disease (COVID-19) for the last more than 80 days and it can not be said with certainty how many more days we have to face the ill-effects of this epidemic. As is evident we have to live facing this disease. We can not compromise with the education of our children. The school is doing its best to continue the curriculum  transaction  through  the  on-line  mode  and  our  teachers  are trying to do full justice with students under the supervision and guidance. of educationists and pedagogues.

Now the school has decided to conduct the Periodic Test 1 for classes III to XII through online mode in the month of June. Parents are requested to read the guidelines carefully with regards to the conduct of these online tests.

  1. Periodic Test 1 will be held  as per the class and date schedule given below.
  2. The conduct of online tests will be on  GOOGLE CLASSROOM  APP.
  3. For better conduct of the classes the school has decided to issue an email I’d to each student which shall be sent to the parents on the latest email I’d shared recently by them. The email I’d of  the  student shall be  in the following  format :–        

     Eg :–    If the name of the the student is ravi malhotra and the admission no is 6789   

                  then the emailid of the student shall be

4) Google Classroom link for the test will be provided to students in these email I’d.

5) Before the conduct of the test a demo test shall be held. Date of this test shall be informed to you in due course of time.

6) PT1  of Classes III – V and IX – XII will be on June 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26.

7) PT1 of Classes VI – VIII will be on June  15, 17, 19, 23, 25, 27.

8) Duration of tests for classes III – VIII will be of  30 Minutes.

9) Duration of tests for classes IX – XII will be of  45 Minutes.

10) Exam Timings will be from 10:00 am.

11) Appearing in Periodic Test 1 is compulsory for the students.

12) If a student does not appear in Periodic Test 1, then  this portion of the test will not be added to the scores obtained in the subsequent tests. Hence it is in the interest of the students to take this test with all seriousness.

Online Periodic Test 1 [ 2020 -2021 ] Datesheet [ Classes  VI – VIII ]

ClassesJune 15 , 2020 [Monday]June 17 , 2020 [Wednesday]June 19 , 2020 [Friday]June 23 , 2020 [Tuesday]June 25, 2020 [Thursday]June 27, 2020 [Saturday]
VIEnglishScienceHindiS. ScienceMathsSanskrit
VIIMathsS.  ScienceSanskritScienceEnglishHindi
VIIIScienceMathsHindiSanskritS. ScienceEnglish

Online Periodic Test 1 [ 2020 -2021 ] Datesheet [ Classes III – V , IX – XII ]

   ClassesJune 16 , 2020 [Tuesday]June 18, 2020 [Thursday]June 20, 2020 [Saturday]June 22, 2020 [Monday]June 24, 2020 [Wednesday]June 26, 2020 [Friday]
IIIEnglishHindiS. StScienceMaths—–
IVMathsScienceEnglishHindiS. St—–
VS. StEnglishHindiMathsScience—–
IXMathsEnglishScienceS. ScienceHindi—–
XScienceS. ScienceMathsHindiEnglish—–
XI [Sci]Physics  Physical EducationBiology /    Comp-Sci.  Infor-Prct./ Maths / PaintingChemistry  English
XI [Comm]AccountancyEconomicsBusiness Studies
XII [Sci]Biology /    Comp-Sci.Chemistry  EnglishPhysics  Physical Education  Infor-Prct./ Maths / Painting
XII [Comm]AccountancyEconomicsBusiness Studies

Examination Incharge