School Exhibitions


Maths Exhibition was held in the school premises, wherein the students of Classes II to XII put forth intriguing models and projects. Not only were the exhibits profoundly educative, but they were also simply fun to observe and learn from. Mathematical concepts like the Nine Point Circle, Probability, Eutrigon’s Theorem, Balancing Equation, Ratio-Proportion, Geometrical pattern, Concepts of Derivatives, Parametric Equation, 3 D figures, Pie Diagram, Identity Verification, etc. were explained with the aid of the most fascinating models and projects. How learning can truly be through hands on activities in the most educative way was exhibited through this exhibition. Thus the motive of acquainting practical utility of Mathematics among the students was achieved.


The school organized Science Exhibition. Multifarious models and projects exhibited by the students from classes II to XII were based on improved and practical Sewage Treatment Plants, Human Respiratory System, Vacuum Cleaner Coaches, Waste Water Electricity Generation, Automatic Sensor Street Lights, and Methods to reduce increasing Global Warming. Parents, teachers as well as visiting dignitaries were amazed to see the new horizons that our students were aspiring to achieve in the field of science.


Commerce Exhibition was organized in the school. The idea was to facilitate the overall development by involving students in basic practical understanding. The exhibits on the contemporary issues like Goods and Services Tax (GST), E-Banking, Auxiliary to Trade, Foreign Exchange, Types of Industries, Business Environment, Principles of Management, etc. were highly appreciated by the parents, teachers and the students. The various models, charts, and projects reflected the deep understanding of the students of classes XI & XII. Dr. S. K. Bhatia, Chairman and Academic Advisor, RKS, in his brief address, appreciated the hard work of the students in putting such wonderful exhibits and enlightened them about the vast scope in the Commerce field.


In order to showcase the innovative creations from the students of classes I to XII, the Art and Craft exhibition was held in RKS. The school hall was all decked up with art and paintings pertaining to different themes ranging from Madhubani art, clay modelling, paper pasting, thumb impression to stamp printing, rangoli, glass painting were on display. It got an overwhelming response both the children as well as from the guardians. It surely displayed the talent which the children have. The beautiful paintings and artwork left the spectators mesmerized. The Principal, Dr. Mamta Aggarwal, admired all the exhibits displayed in the exhibition. It was an enriching experience for the students and the art teachers who had taken pains to make this art and craft exhibition a success.