In-Service Programmes For Teachers

In the present educational scenario, the teacher has to be well equipped to face the challenges and enhance the teaching – learning process to maximize interest and productivity among the children.  Towards this end, RKS has always endeavoured to strive for excellence by sending teachers for workshops, orientation programmes, and in-service training to facilitate the learning process.

The school organizes In-service Training Programme which is for the teachers. During the year 2019-20 the following service programmes were organized in the school premises:

1.26-03-2019Technological Inputs and Curriculum TransactionDr. Amit AhujaEntire Staff
2.27-03-2019Improving Students’ Spoken EnglishDr. Neera NarangEntire Staff
3.29-03-2019Inclusive Education & Life SkillsProf. Harpreet Kaur BhatiaEntire Staff
4.13-04-2019Motivation as a tool of Teachers’ EffectivenessDr. Subhash ChanderEntire Staff
5.17-04-2019Mission 100% Students’ AchievementDr. S. K. BhatiaEntire Staff
6.17-04-2019PercentileMs. Charu & Ms. SheetalEntire Staff
7.05-07-2019Positive ParentingMs. Anu SinghEntire Staff
8.06-07-2019Self-MotivationMr. Manoj SethiEntire Staff
9.16-07-2019Developing MCQ’sDr. S. K. BhatiaEntire Staff
10.04-09-2019Power of LearningMr. LuckyEntire Staff