Other Activities

Environment Education

Image Not AvailableTo make the students aware of the importance of a clean, green and healthy environment, environmental education is given to them. Workshops on methods of conserving our natural and cultural heritage and excursions to game- parks are arranged to make the children environmentally conscious. They are taught various methods of reducing pollution in the  environment. Students are made aware of the importance of conservation of resources and why they must maintain plants and greenery around.
Language Skills & Time Management Guidance for Students
Language development programme has been introduced to help the students who have language problem. To ensure better results extra classes are arranged for weaker students. Important tips for time management during exams are also given through special classes. Writing skills depend on command over the language and this needs to be developed during the school days.
Home Work Diary
Home work diary is compulsory for every student. It helps the parents to monitor their wards. It also acts as a communication link between the parents and teachers. Every student has to carry this to the school daily. The diary is to be checked and signed by parents after making sure that their ward has completed the home assignment. It contains full address of the child’s home, his/her parent’s specimen signatures, their place of work and the student’s blood group. It is an important document.