Our Values


RKS pledges to provide a rich experience to the children and help them develop good habits, confidence, proper attitudes, and inquisitive minds in a harmonious environment with an aim at the all-round development of the child – Physical, Social, Emotional, and Intellectual.


To provide man-making education, to produce versatile and resourceful individuals within an educational environment that fosters innovation and enterprises pro excellence. Once admitted to Nursery Class, one can pass out as a highly qualified professional from the Institutes run by Triveni Educational & Social Welfare Society.


Our educational philosophy is to look ahead provide wholesome and quality education. The children are trained to shed all sectarian outlooks and be proud as being Indians. Our efforts are to create an environment where noble thoughts come from everyside and help the young ones to live in a peaceful world around them. A child is allowed to develop freely in a harmonious environment. Attention is given to the development of the child’s intellect, and his sensitivities to the surroundings, enabling him to enjoy the sparkling joys of his tender years. We encourage pupils to learn for themselves. It involves teaching them the main skills that is to have the quality of decision making, that they need to conduct an independent inquiry, to search new topics, to make connections between different subjects and to think for themselves, to be inquisitive to gain more knowledge.


Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School professes to increase quest for Truth, Love, and Beauty (Satyam, Shivam, Sundram) by providing the students ample opportunities in various disciplines and by exposing them to a variegated environment that enables them to develop an integrated personality. The school seeks to produce good human beings by developing their character and individuality through a balanced combination of modern education and the rich fabric of our heritage by blending the oriental and the occidental. It also aims at strengthening the forces of National integration, Secularism, Democracy, Communal Harmony, Love, and Cooperation by providing them opportunities for social service in the community. In fact, we aim at Excellence in life.