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On the auspicious  occasion of “EID-UL-ADHA” , on July 31, 2020, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School, organized various virtual activities to commemorate the teachings and learnings of this festival. One such activity was to spread awareness about the occasion through a speech.

“Sangam Maurya” of “ Class VIII” delivered a speech on “ Eid- Ul –Adha” in her virtual class. She spoke about the beauty of the festivals and the bounties that they offer us. The speaker in her address highlighted that the sole purpose of this occasion is to promote love and brotherhood among all fellow human beings. Through her speech , she emphasised on the need to do charity and  be grateful and thankful to God for showering infinite  love and happiness in our life. She envisioned us that the festival is celebrated to mark the supreme sacrifice made by Abraham  and his devotion towards God. 

She concluded her speech by  appealing to everyone to  not only shun the evil deeds and actions but also  contribute   towards working for  the benefit of humanity by bringing in harmony . She also put forward the fact that this year due to a pandemic situation, people have been advised to follow the rules and norms set by the Government while celebrating the festival. The well known rules are – wearing a mask, maintaining distance, using sanitisers, washing hands again and again, avoiding conglomeration, remaining at home (unless going out is very essential), etc.