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National festivals play an important role in planting the seed of Nationalism and patriotism among the people of our nation. The celebration of these festivals commemorates the sacrifices of our freedom fighters who laid down their lives in the foundation of our country.

On the auspicious occasion ofr Independence Day, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School virtually organized several activities to acclaim the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and to instill in students a feeling of patriotism. Activities included a zealful dance performed virtually by the students of class 2 which made everyone spellbound. 

Aarav Goel of Class IV presented a poem in his virtual class. Through his poem, he encouraged everyone to celebrate the legacy and fortitude of our freedom fighters and salute their selflessness and supreme sacrifices.

Tarushi Bhandari of Class 9, was given an opportunity to share her view on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day.

The speaker greeted everyone with heartfelt wishes and marked the significance of the day. She emphasized on the excitement that the unfurling of the tricolor brings within all.

She envisioned all about the ethos of our freedom struggles which form the foundation of modern India. Our visionary leaders brought together a diversity of world views to forge a common national spirit. They were committed to the cause of liberating Bharat Mata from oppressive foreign rule and securing the future of her children. Their thoughts and actions shaped the identity of India as a modern nation. One should always remember the reverence, the struggle of our leaders, freedom fighters, and the soldiers who laid their lives.

She urged the children to value the freedom and sacrifices of these people and salute the people who fought for independence. In the end, she made everyone pledge to dedicate themselves to the service of this great nation.