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They serve without any expectation,

As they build up the whole nation.

They set their vision always high,

As they victoriously fly in the sky.

Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year. As we all know that IAF is the arm of the Indian armed forces, its untiring sacrifices are securing our country from our foes in every direction.

The air force parade marks the beginning of the celebration. All the air force stations meticulously conduct a hollow square parade in which the commander-in-chief administers the oath of allegiance to all the air warriors. 

Teemed with gratitude for the Air Force personnel and Air Force, the most important defender of any nation, ‘Indian Air Force Day’ was commemorated at Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School with great zeal and fervor. The students of class 3rd and 4th paid a small tribute in the honor of the great souls through slogans and a poem.

Diya Arora of class X delivered a speech in her virtual class to pay tribute to the brave hearts of the Indian Air Force who have laid down their lives in the service of the nation. She apprised the students about the history of the Indian Air Force and some heroic facts. She further highlighted the accomplishments made by our very own Indian Air Force. Through the mode of her speech, she urged the young comrades to choose the Air Force as a career.

She concluded her speech with the Indian war cry to cheer our air force personnel.

“Shauryam Daksham Yudhe 

Balidan Param Dharma.”