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Corruption is not a mere word.VIt is a social, political and economic phenomenon which affects all countries and undermines democratic institutions and slows economic development and contributes to government instabilities.

Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School observed International Anti Corruption Day on 9th of December, 2020  to raise awareness about Anti- corruption and about  the role of an International Convention in combating and preventing corruption. To commemorate this day all the people are urged around the world to get united and continue to work on the innovative solutions to win the fight against the massive giant called corruption and to ensure that precious resources serve the people of the world.

By observing this day virtually in school the students were made aware of the global campaign that focuses on corruption as the biggest obstacle to achieve Sustainable Development Goals as the abuse of power for private gain can cost people their freedom , health , life and future.

Our budding artists, the students of Class VIII through their dance performance depicted the need of  their accountability in the battle against corruption and also hailed the world to  get united against it.

The performance ended with a message, “When we act together, we can make a difference in the world.”