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Sign language is the equal of speech, leading itself equally to the rigorous and poetic and to philosophical analysis.”

On the occasion of  International Day of Sign Languages, Kavleen Kaur of Class IX , gave an insight into the World of Deaf community by delivering a  speech on  the importance of the sign languages. This day is celebrated all over the world on 23rd September to commemorateandto realize the human rights of this differently abled community as it equips  them with knowledge, tools and strategies to advocate, achieve  and defend their rights.

She enriched us that this day helps in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and fulfills its core promise of leaving no one behind. She highlighted the  intensified efforts of the UN which they have been putting in  by   offering various   opportunities. According to her, the UN has been supporting  and protecting  the linguistic and cultural diversity of all sign language users as it  promotes the usage of sign languages .

Through her speech she brought to the notice that promoting this day can help the  community to achieve vocational skills and excel in their lives too. She said it is  vital for the growth of deaf individuals.

In the end, the speaker insisted on the fact that we all should make it our rightful duty and responsibility to work towards bringing these people onto the same platform as all of others in the world by turning the world into an inclusive one.