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“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” –A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

On the occasion of “International Literacy Day” Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School, observed various activities in the virtual classroom to give an insight on the fact that  “Literacy is a human right and the basis of all knowledge.”

 To mark this day, students of class 3rd and 4th virtually projected their viewpoint in the form of slogans on literacy, giving emphasis on education as the foundation stone to build a more sustainable future for all. Through their slogans,they insisted on the need to educate more and more people so that the world can begin its journey towards a better tomorrow. 

Tarushi Bhandari of Class VIII A, was given the opportunity to deliver a speech on  “International Literacy Day” which is celebrated all over the world every year on 8th September  to remind everyone that literacy is a matter of dignity and human rights. The speaker through her speech made us aware that Literacy was the prime requisite for learning and played a vital role in curbing poverty, establishing gender impartiality and promised a bright growth for the future.

By giving an insight into  the statistics of  the World Literacy rate, she enriched us of  the steps that  need to be taken towards raising the literacy rate. She depicted all the possible actions taken by the United Nations towards making education accessible to all. She highlighted the strategic plans made  by the UN to prioritise on issues like learning needs of disadvantaged groups and leveraging digital technology specially during COVID-19 .

She insisted on realising that illiteracy is one of the major problems around the world and we all should put in intensified efforts  towards creating a literate society.

In the end , the speaker  appealed to all the teachers as well as students  to focus on literacy development and overcome challenges to achieve sustainable development. She stressed how small endeavours could make a big difference and so requested each one to take initiative in reducing illiteracy in their own little way.