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RKS organises various activities in Virtual Classes

In a bid to hone the various skills of students, activities are being held even in virtual classes in RKS.  Students deliver speeches, enact on the observance of all important days of the year.

On 19th August, Gautam Arora, student of Class XI was provided with an opportunity to deliver a speech in virtual class on the topic “International Photography Day”.  The speaker in his address enlightened about the history of photography.  He further switched over to the explanation of many inventions related to the photography field.

He highlighted and spoke about the emergence of NIKON and KODAK.  He asserted that August 19 that is observed as International Photography Day, has a unique aim with it, that is to inspire photographers across the planet to share a single photo with a simple purpose, to share their world with the world.  He further encouraged all to pursue photography as a career or a hobby.

The speech was concluded with a suggestion to photographers that they should focus on important and foremost matters that are prevailing in the society.