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In the history of mankind, there were two nuclear attacks whose devastation was at such a high scale that their consequences last till date.  The first nuclear attack was at Hiroshima and then at Nagasaki.

A virtual activity was held on 9th August, 2021, in Class X, on the observance of Nagasaki Day.  Keerat Kaur, student of Class X was provided an opportunity to deliver speech on the topic.  The speaker enlightened the students by telling that Nagasaki Day is celebrated every year on 9th August to commemorate the memories of people who lost their lives on this inauspicious day.   On this day, United States of America dropped atomic bomb on Nagasaki City of Japan in 1945 during World War II.  There were 80,000 people who were killed during the subject war. 

Supporter believe that the atomic bombings were necessary to bring a swift end to the war with minimal casualties, while critics argue that the Japanese Govt. could have been brought to surrender through other means while highlighting the moral and ethical implication of nuclear weapons and the deaths caused to civilians could have been avoided.

The speaker concluded her speech by appreciating Japanese people for their collective vision, dedication and hard work that helped Japan to rise from rubble.