RKS organized virtual activity on Nagasaki Day

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On August 9, 2020, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School observed Nagasaki Day by organizing various activities through the virtual platform. The main objective of the event was to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb explosion in Nagasaki by America and to create awareness about the threats of nuclear weapons and the effects of nuclear energy.

Kanan Kaur of class VII-A delivered a speech in her virtual class. Through her speech, she emphasized that we should draw a lesson from such a horrifying past for a better future. She appealed to all to take a pledge that such incidence should not be repeated under any circumstances.

The speaker in her address commiserated with the survivors of the atomic bomb. The bomb blasts had left psychological as well as physical scars on them.

She further added that Nagasaki Day is celebrated across the world to make people understand the importance of peace and harmony among nations. Through her speech, she urged that the government of all the nations should realize that it is their ethical responsibility to abandon nuclear weapons for the safety and survival of global citizens. 

She concluded her speech with a quote by Jacob Bronowski:

“Science has nothing to be ashamed of even in the ruins of Nagasaki. The shame is theirs who appeal to other values than the human imaginative values which science has evolved.”