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The civil service is the backbone of the administrative machinery of a country.  Every year 21st April is observed as a national civil service day in order to praise, award and to commemorate officers striving and unstopped efforts throughout the year.

A virtual activity was held in school to commemorate their excellence in public administration.  Gautam Arora, student of Class XII was provided an opportunity to deliver a speech on “National Civil Service Day”.  The speaker enlightened the students by saying that being a civil servant is  always responsible and demanding job and this job requires various skills, sharp mind and the ability to administer the task.  The civil servant who is not elected by the people is always answerable to the Government regarding the execution of all the rules and regulations being proposed by the Government.  The speaker concluded his speech with a quote by Otto won Bismarck “With bad laws and good civil servants it is possible to govern but with bad civil servants even the laws cannot help.” He extended his gratitude towards the civil service officers who work out tirelessly throughout the day for the betterment of our lives.