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“Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will.”

 – Mahatma Gandhi

Quit India Day, is a milestone in the history of the freedom struggle of our country. This day awaken the spirit of togetherness and the will to fight by the Indians against the British rule.

On this special day “Prapti Kapoor a student of Class VIII A, delivered a speech in the virtual class to make us aware about the significance of “Quit India Day”. She remembered the martyrs for their supreme sacrifice towards national freedom. In her speech, she mentioned the failure of Cripps Mission led Mahatma Gandhi to harness a wave of Anti- British sentiment which he named as “Quit India Movement” and thus gave a call of “Do or Die” awakening the soul of the nation to fight for their right of freedom. 

Through her speech, she made a request to the students to imbibe the values learnt from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.  She concluded by saying that the future nation builders i.e. we the students should shower our gratitude to all the heroes who laid down their lives for the sake of their motherland.