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Road safety is an issue of prime concern to all. Be it a pedestrian, rickshaw puller, or a vehicle driver, anyone can fall prey to mishaps on roads. Road Safety Week is a campaign initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. According to a report of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, each year more than 13.5 million people die due to road accidents. Road Safety Week was observed from January 11th to 17th in virtual classrooms by the students of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School.
On the very first day of the Road Safety Week, Tanishi of Class 8 th delivered a speech in her virtual class on the importance of observing this week. She explained the methods and necessities of road safety. She further stated that a theme is chosen for Road Safety Week every year. The Road Safety Week 2020 theme was ‘Bringing Change through Youth’ and the theme of the current year is ‘Save yourself to save your family.’
On the second day of the Road Safety Week, the students of class 2nd displayed slogans on road safety to create awareness among the students about the traffic rules. They displayed the significance of wearing seat belts and helmets through their slogans.
On the third day of the Road Safety Week, Varuni Chopra, a student of class 4th recited a poem in her virtual class highlighting the ways to celebrate ‘Road Safety Week.’
On the fourth day of the Road Safety Week, a talk show was organized to
sensitize students on the issue to make them a responsible road user. Priyanshi Vassan of class VIII acquainted the students with the causes of Road accidents whereas Prapti Kapoor of class VII explained the preventive measures to be taken to avoid Road accidents.
On the fifth day of the Road Safety Week, Gautam Arora, a student of Class XI was provided an opportunity to deliver a speech on the topic ‘National Road Safety Week.’ The speaker acquainted the students that road accidents are a major result of excess speed, careless driving and not having complete vigilance. In the concluding lines of his speech, he appealed to everyone to drive slowly, to wear seat belts, and never to use phones while driving.
On the sixth day of the Road Safety Week, the students of class 1st presented a beautiful dance showing the Dos and Don’ts of Road Safety. The students enjoyed the performance and learned the basic safety rules which must be followed on roads to have a safe journey.
On the last day of Road Safety Week, the students of class 10th took a pledge to follow rules and regulations which one should abide by to promote road safety.
“Alert today -Alive tomorrow” should be the thought in our minds when we drive.