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Ramakrishna Sr. Sec. School organized virtual activity on United Nations Day on October 24, 2020.  Shrestha Ambastha, student of Class XI delivered a speech on “United Nations Day” in his virtual class. 

The speaker enlightened the students in a simple and lucid manner by explaining the meaning of “Vasudev Kutumbkum” and related it to the significant role played by United Nations.

Through his speech he laid stress on the aim of celebrating this day saying that the United Nations was founded on October 24, 1945.  Its first meeting was held in San Francisco at the end of World War II.

He further asserted that this organization is yet to shoulder another responsibility in the times of great disruption for the world compounded by an unprecedented global health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic with severe social and economic impacts only by working together in solidarity.

He concluded the speech by wishing peace and harmony to the nations and its people.