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Ramakrishna Senior Secondary SchoolVikas Puri, organized the World First Aid Day on Saturday, 12th September 2020 by organizing a speech activity to acknowledge the importance of First Aid in saving lives in everyday and crisis situations.

Ashmita Chhabra of Class-VI delivered a very well-articulated speech during her virtual class, emphasizing the significance of the First Aid.

Through her speech, she expressed her concern that millions of people are hurt or killed from injuries every year because adequate and timely assistance is not provided to them. She explained that the primary goal of First Aid is to protect life and keep the condition from worsening. She shared some first aid tips to be given at the time of wasp-sting and sprained ankle. 

 Further she summarized the acronym of ‘the three Ps’: 

  • Preserve life – stop the person from dying
  • Prevent further injury – stop the person from being injured even more.
  • Promote recovery – try to help the persons heal their injuries

At the end she wrapped her speech by emphasizing the importance of taking basic first aid and learning the use of a first aid kit. People should be encouraged to utilize this day in a positive way by learning and spreading the importance of first aid. This will help pave the way for a healthier and stronger world to breathe in. She wished everyone a very Happy World First Aid Day.