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Ramakrishna Senior Secondary SchoolVikas Puri, organized World Malaria Day on Sunday, 25th April 2021 by organizing a speech activity to spread awareness about the disease caused by infected mosquito bites.

Lakshita Modi of Class-VI delivered a very well-articulated speech during her virtual class, emphasizing growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed due to mosquito bites.

Through her speech, she expressed her concern that millions of people are being affected by infected mosquito bites. She explained that it is caused by parasites that are transmitted through infected mosquito bites.

She further added that the aim of that day is to educate the masses about life-threatening diseases and enlightened the people about their prevention techniques. She focused on the Swachh Bharat Mission that also aims to enhance cleanliness practices to curb the growth of mosquitoes in the surrounding.

In the end, she wrapped her speech by requesting the people to follow the precautionary measures to improve the health conditions.