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                               “Earth without Ozone is a house without a roof.”

On September 16, 2020, Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School observed “World Ozone Day” by organizing various activities through the virtual platform. The main objective of the event was to spread awareness regarding the Ozone Layer’s depletion, as well as the search for solutions in order to preserve it. 

The students of class 2nd presented an act to sensitize and spread awareness on the importance of the ozone layer.They all beautifully expressed some ways by which we can contribute a little to save our environment which will directly protect the Ozone layer from depletion. It was a creative and interesting act, which enlightened the viewers and made them realize the seriousness of the situation. It was an educational initiative and a step to prompt young minds to start contributing their bit in nurturing and looking after Mother Earth.  

Anshika Sharma of class V was given an opportunity to deliver a speech in her virtual class highlighting the importance of the ozone layer for our planet, Earth. 

She briefed about the reasons of ozone layer depletion by use of CFCs and other pesticides and chemicals. She mentioned adverse effects of ozone layer depletion on flora, fauna, environment and human health. She also informed the damaging effects of ozone-depleting substances that allow increased ultraviolet (UV) rays to reach the earth, increasing incidents of skin cancers, eye cataracts and harm to agricultural lands and forests. She further explained the preventive measures to reduce the generation of pollutants by minimizing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).

In her concluding remarks, she advised people to ‘think globally and act locally’ for the preservation of the ozone layer.