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On behalf of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School, Keerat Kaur of Class IX was given the opportunity to speak on the Observance of World Polio Day.

World Polio day was observed virtually by Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School on 24th October 2020. The speaker through her speech enlightened us with the dire need of this vaccination to be given to the children for their health and safety. She gave an insight into the establishment of World Polio day, which was to inform people around the world about the idea of saving children from being infected by the disease of Polio.

The speaker also cast light on the theme of World Polio Day 2020 ; A win against Polio is a win for global health. She highlighted the global efforts towards a polio-free world and apprised that the day is commemorated to honour the tireless contributions of those on the frontlines in the fight to eradicate polio from every corner of the globe.

The speaker concluded that ending a disease is a massive effort and requires the cooperation at the global level. She appealed everyone to spread awareness to end the virus of the disease for the healthy physical development of each child.