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Ramakrishna Sr. Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi organized special activities for the entire school to spread awareness about Protection of Wildlife.

Pooja Khattar, a student of Class XI was provided with an opportunity to deliver a speech in her virtual class on the topic “World Rhino Day” on 22 September.  She highlighted the importance of events stating that humankind must learn to understand that the life of an animal is in no way less precious than our own.  The day is celebrated to spread awareness, to protect ecological balance and to protect wildlife.  

The speaker urged that it is the dire need to protect the five existing species of Rhino, all these five species are living in Africa and Asian continent.  Javan Rhinos, Sumatran Rhinos and Black Rhinos are listed as critically endangered.  

Elucidating the theme of the World Rhino Day, she described various types of Rhinos and the ones that are vulnerable to extinction.  She concluded by making an appeal for not buying Rhino horn products as the illegal trade in Rhino horn poses the greatest threat to Rhinos and suggested some other options that can be used instead of Rhino’s horns.