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On behalf of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School, Namrata Prakash of Class VIII was given the opportunity to speak on the Observance of World Thrift Day.

“Smallest of savings made today have the power to give you a better future.”

World Thrift day was observed  virtually by Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School on 30th October 2020. The speaker  through her speech enlightened us with the thoughts of Mr. T.T Munger about the significance of the habit of savings in ones life. She gave an insight into the establishment of World Thrift day, which was to inform people around the world about the idea of saving money and moulding the perception towards savings as it can help us guard against any kind of menace. The  day was conceived to promote financial security of individuals and nations as a whole and the core objective was to encourage people to save money in banks.

Being thrift is one of the virtues through which parents and teachers can  teach their children  the importance of  wealth and need for saving from childhood days, as the habit of saving gives independence to both people as well as the country. This habit needs to be indoctrinated within us from the very beginning.

The speaker concluded that  the savings campaign plays an important role in harnessing the savings of small savers for planned and profitable development of the country.