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On behalf of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School, Prapti Kapoor, a student of Class VIII, was given an opportunity to share her views on the observance of World Wildlife Day on March 3, 2022, through a virtual platform. 

She started with Charles Darwin’s quotation – “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

The speaker through her impressive note made everyone realize the need to celebrate this day annually- to protect the ecological balance and to protect wildlife.  In her address, she stated that World Wildlife Day is a day to remind us of our responsibilities to our world and the life forms we share with it. She further added that this day is all about raising awareness of wild flora and fauna across the world. She mentioned that our mission should be to celebrate Wildlife in all its forms. We should build a caring and compassionate approach with the wildlife and be thankful for the way it enriches our lives.

She highlighted the importance of events stating that humankind must learn to understand that the life of an animal is in no way less precious than our own. 

Further, the little tiny tots of class1 presented some of the acts towards the preservation of wildlife. Through their mesmerizing acts, they made everyone realize that it is our responsibility to save the rapidly dwindling greenery, wildlife, and environment to save Mother Earth from her current crisis.