Fee Policy

General Instructions:

1. The fees can be paid both by online (IMPS, NEFT, RTGS) and offline (in cash at school reception) modes of payment.

2. Admission Fee and Security Fee are for new-admissions only.

3 The school fee and bus charges are to be paid quarterly.

4. Every child has to pay twelve months school fees.

5. School bus users have to pay eleven months bus charges irrespective of the month of admission.

6. Last date for payment of fees quarter-wise
1st Quarter ( April to June)                        –        April 10th
2nd Quarter (July to September)             –         July 10th
3rd Quarter (October to December)       –         October 11th
4th Quarter (January to March)                –       January 10th

7. If the 10th falls on Sunday/Another holiday, the last date of payment will be the next working day without the late fee fine.

8. Late fee of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged till the fee and other charges remain unpaid.

9. Last date for payment of school fees and bus charges of every quarter without fine is 10th of the first month of each quarter. A fine will be leuied for late fee payment. The student’s name will be struck off automatically from the school rolls for non-payment of fees.

10. If  your ward’s case is considered for re-admission on the receipt of request stating adequate reasons, a fresh admission fee along with unpaid fees and other charges shall be payable.

11. The fee once deposited will not be refunded at any cost.

12. If you want to withdraw your ward from school, written notice of one calendar month must be given or a month’s tuition fee will be charged in lieu of notice.

13. Security money (refundable) will have to be claimed within one month of the withdrawal of the child from the school, otherwise, it will be forfeited.

14. Annual charges will be charged in two installments i.e first installment in the month of April and the second, in the month of October.

15. PTA  fee will be charged from only one child in case of more children of the same parent.

16. Bus students will not be allowed to withdraw in between the session.

17. Cheque should be in favour of Ramakrishna Senior Secondary School.

18. Student’s name, class, and section should be written on the backside of the cheque.

19. Penalty of Rs. 250/- will be charged in case of dishonored cheques.

20. Cheque should not be post-dated. The cheque should be account payee and payable at Delhi.

21. Late fee fine is to be paid separately for fees as applicable.

22. The last date to clear all dues for any year is 10th January.